We proudly root for Raleigh in both sports and life.

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Fitz:  Holder of sports facts. RCS Originator. Overly confident at bar games.

Mike: Hates writing. Known as Mr. Raleigh Ballgame or Mordecai Mike. Always down to talk sports.

JP: Loves writing. Way more cultured than all of us. Trivia God.

JFK:  Jack of many trades. First in flight.

Moneybags Smythe: Resident degenerate. Taxed in DC but represented in NC. Claims to win 65% of bets.

Jet:  Athlete. Cheese Maker.

T-Git: Likes the Panthers. Wears Cool Hats.

Creative Producer Joey: Way more creative than all of us.

Ryan: Connoisseur of Chihuahuas, Leather Shoes, and all things Oak City.


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