Picks ATS: Christmas Weekend

Did you happen to hear our picks went 3-1 against the spread last week? It paid for the presents under the tree and I don’t think you want to miss out this weekend. Either way you need something to do on this long holiday weekend.


Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens 4:30 PM : Colts + 13.5

Thats a big line and I don’t think Baltimore is all that great either. Look for Jacoby Brissett to show Joe Flacco who the true elite QB is in the league.

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers 8:30 PM : Vikings -9

The Packers are down and out and the Vikings are still pushing for home field in the playoffs. All aboard the Vikings bandwagon!


Los Angeles Rams at Tennessee Titans 1:00 PM : Rams -7

Titans are overrated. Rams are a team of destiny. Easy pick.


Big Cat at Barstool has a working theory that you always take the unders in the first three games of the NBA’s Christmas day schedule. Make sense. Any game before 7 pm is out of the ordinary for these guys and combine it with having to work on Christmas and potential slugishness makes total sense.

The unders aren’t published yet but here are the games you need to get in on.

Philadelphia at New York Knicks 12:00 PM

Cleveland at Golden State 3:00 PM

Washington at Boston 5:30 PM


Kansas State vs UCLA 9:00 PM : UCLA -2.5

Over 90% of the people are picking Kansas State so we’re going to other way. We’re 2-0 in doing this strategy and it reinforces that the wise guys in Vegas now how to bring in the money with an enticing line.