It’s that time of year where the NFL sneaks in two games on Saturday. Some may think this is annoying but you aren’t looking at it from a financial perspective. Two Saturday NFL games means you can load up on Saturday and if you fail then you have a slate of games on Sunday to “reinvest”. Saturday is basically free money.


Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions 4:30 PM – Detroit -5

The Lions need this game to stay relevant in the playoff hunt and the Bears are the Bears. Combine the fact that the Bears won last week and that makes it more likely the Lions will prevent them from two in a row.

LA Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs 8:25 PM –  Chargers -1

Are the Chargers too hot and now will face a rejuvenated Chiefs team? Naaahhhhhh. I can’t bet against Phillip Rivers at this point. Also, which team would you rather see? A team with a jacked up Rivers or a Chiefs team that reminds you of Eeyore? Exactly.


Carolina Panthers vs Green Bay Pakcers 1:00 PM –  Panthers -3

Aaron Rodgers is coming back but I don’t care. Julius Peppers is gonna show off to his former team and they’ll wish they kept Rodgers on the IR. Must win for both teams but it’s in Carolina, so we’ll go with the home team


Atlanta Falcons vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8:30 PM – Buccaneers +6

90% of the money is on the Falcons and I get it. BUT the wise guys in Vegas know something so we’re gonna bet the Bucs. This strategy worked in the Jags game last week. Time to eat a W.