Thursday Throwdown: Nazmi Leaving?, Canes Road Trip, ACC Predictions

Nazmi Albadawi on Verge of Signing with FC Cincinnati…Allegedly

If this is true then “WE” lose one of the most exciting players from last years squad. Naz was on fire in the fall season when the lineups were figured out. The changes freed the Wizard Of Raleigh (We never did figure out his nickname) to do his thing. Also, a John Wall celly never occured which is probably for the best BUT sad for us.

We hope this rumor is false, but if it is true then this is an exciting move for Naz. One has to assume its a better deal than was offered in Raleigh (business y’all) and he gets to play in front of 20k a match. Either way we’re proud of Naz here at RCS and we wish him luck wherever he goes. (But you can stay here). Always #RCSFam

Hopefully, we still have Steven Miller, Chilly Schuller, Austin da Luz … right? Do we? Please?

Note: Austin da Luz was down.

Canes Look To Salvage Road Trip

Mike reminded me on this weeks podcast that we stated if we got six points on this road trip then we should be happy. Well, despite how last week went, a win in Buffalo will give Raleigh’s hockey team a 2-2-2 record over the six games….AND six points. One can point to the blown lead in San Jose or the blowout in Vancouver as loses that will sting come playoff time, but the reality is all losses sting come playoff time. We could get six points on a grueling West Coast road trip which ain’t too shabby. Further, a win in Buffalo will give the Canes a 7-7-4 road record this season which is real fine.

A win in Buffalo could come as the Canes have arguably been playing their worst hockey all year. Good thing about “worst” is there’s a strong chance that it can only go up. I’ll admit I was on the negative train last week (really until Tuesday) but after getting some perspective I believe we’re in decent shape considering how we’ve been playing. The key is to string together a couple three-four game win streaks (we haven’t won more than two in a row and haven’t gotten more than a point in two in a row) and limit the losing valleys.  We can probably only absorb one more of those valleys this season. Great news is we can absorb as many wins as we want. It all starts with our back end, so lets tighten up boys.

ACC Basketball Predictions

Since the ACC basketball season began last weekend with Duke losing to Boston College, I’ve decided to give you my top eight finishes in the conference.

  1. Duke
  2. Notre Dame
  3. North Carolina
  4. Miami
  5. Virginia
  6. Florida State
  7. Louisville
  8. NC State

Only real surprise is NC State. I might be a little biased and bullish on the Wolfpack but I think Keatts has got something going. Friend of the blog and die hard UNC fan, Mike C, states Kevin Keatts scares him to death in terms of State’s basketball future. That’s enough for me to put them in the top 8.