What’s Wrong With Raleigh? Bad News From MLS, Canes & Doeren

Wednesday, November 29th has not been a positive day for Raleigh Sports. Lets take a look at what’s has happened:

  1. MLS states we aren’t in competition for the first two expansion spots
  2. Chuck Greenberg deal with Canes has dried up and there’s new bidders
  3. State football coach Dave Doeren is trying to leave town

If you’ve followed us then you know the first two are no surprise because of the lack of news since July on those topics. The Doeren news is interesting because we thought relations with the athletic department was solid, but it must not be and Coach Doeren seems somewhat antsy to get out of town. Lets take a look at each and see what needs to happen to turn all these back into a positive

  1. Raleigh Sitting Out The First Two Expansion Spots

Raleigh was never a strong competitor for spots 1 & 2. If you speak with anybody of knowledge on the situation it was always about spots 3-6 ( spots five and six if another round of expansion happens). The play to put the stadium on government property was a bold call but one that had to be made because of the difficulty to build a stadium downtown. Don’t be fooled, Raleigh’s stadium would have to be downtown to get a team. As one of the smaller markets, our bid has to blow the MLS away.

How do we do this?

Tangible downtown stadium plans need to be approved by all necessary parties before the MLS would even consider us. It can be a contingent on MLS acceptance BUT it has to be a sure thing. Also, we need to show community support for our existing clubs. Look at Cincinnati. They draw like crazy which is why they are being considered (Also, MLS is letting Columbus walk so they feel it fills a gap). Lastly, I feel we may need a little more money injected into the bid. This money can go a long way to helping secure the land (not talking bribes), market to the whole area etc.

The MLS hasn’t mentioned when the next expansion process will occur, but Raleigh’s bid will need to make some serious progress in the next six months. Lets go into the next round with our ducks in row.

2. Canes Still In Search For an Owner

David Glenn mentioned on our podcast a few months back that he felt Chuck Greenberg didn’t have the backing to get the Canes deal done. DG was right. The lack of news coming in over the last few months made it obvious, but the club officially recognized that they are looking in other directions.

Specifically, they mentioned Texas businessman Thomas Dundon. Dundon seemed to make a bulk of his fortune by starting a subprime auto lending company. When he left the company he was paid somewhere between $700-900 million..more than enough to be in the hockey business. Dundon now owns an investment company and he seems to be involved in many business with one being TopGolf.

How should we feel?

I think everything is still up in the air. The NHL and club claim they are committed to Raleigh, but how are you going to tell a group that spends $500 million on a club that they can’t take it where they want. Maybe this is true because Quebec and Seattle haven’t swooped in yet.

I don’t care who buys it. Just gives us a winner and we’ll show you a rabid fan-base. That’s how its works in a non-traditional market. Key word is WINNER!

3.  Dave Doeren Got His Head Stuck In The Honeypot

News broke today that Doeren was very close to signing a deal with Ole Miss this weekend. I don’t know how true this is….a school has a deal lined up but then they win a game and say we’ll keep our current guy? The report says Doeren’s agents threw his name in the Tennessee and Miss State ring too because contract negotiations weren’t going well with State and Debbie Yow.

I don’t blame Doeren for going and trying to get paid more money after he had a solid year. Coaching is a brutal business and you need to strike while the iron is hot. BUT I don’t think his iron is as hot as he thinks it is. Also, what does this say about Doeren’s belief in State’s program? Maybe the loss of 20 seniors has him rattled and he knows he will probably be on the hot seat again next year, so he’s trying to get out and buy himself some time elsewhere? I really don’t know, but we have some advice for our buddy Doeren (We’re team Doeren guys):