Gambling Picks ATS: Holiday Weekend Edition

We’re feeling pretty loose after going 2-1 on our picks and impressing (we’re pretty sure) our family members with our useless sports facts. It’s a long weekend so we’ll provide you EIGHT picks to get you through Friday and Saturday. We’ve sourced these picks from all over.


Buffalo vs Ohio University – Friday, 1 PM– Buffalo +5.5

A win gets Buffalo bowl eligible. Good enough for us!

Wisconsin vs Minnesota- Saturday, 3:30 PM- Over 43.5

I swear these teams play like every week but lets hope for a shootout.

Alabama vs Auburn Saturday, 3:30 PM – Over 47.5

Overs are just more fun.



Miami Hurricanes vs Pittsburgh Panthers, 12 P.M. – Over 50

I know Miami can score points but the question really is what Pitt will do? Miami is playing for a CFP spot and this is Pitts super bowl. Look for neither team to let off the gas.

South Florida Bulls vs UCF 3:30 PM – Over 63

Just a bunch of Flurrida guys slinging the rock around. Too bad Lane Kiffin can’t be involved but I’m sure he’ll have FAU in the parking lot for an Anchorman news team style brawl.

Carolina Hurricanes vs Toronto Maple Leafs 7:30 PM – Under 6 Goals

Might as well bet if you’re already at the game. Lots of firepower in this match-up. Last time these two teams played a storm front invaded Toronto and the Canes won 6-3. This pick is based on two-time pod guest Ryan who said take the under and he’ll guarantee all bets but no bets (To be clear be isn’t guaranteeing anything.)


We ain’t touching the UNC vs State game, but we did see 99% of the money is on UNC. Not a bad bet at -16.5 line.

FAU vs UNC-Charlotte 2:00 PM – FAU -22

Speaking of Lane Kiffin…Charlotte is terrible. Really bad. I’d normally stay away from this big of a line, but the game would be amazing for a teaser. Think about it.

Alabama vs Auburn 3:30 PM – Bama -4.5

I’m taking Alabama because I’m pretty sure Nick Saban has a deal with the devil. This is a win-win. A loss by Bama would hit your wallet but just think of all the “What If” scenario graphics ESPN is going to ram down your throat over the next week.