College Football Picks ATS: Week 6

Ok, I’ll admit my last 2 weeks haven’t been living up to expectations. BUT, we are still profitable on the year, and shooters shoot.  So, in the famous words of Billy Madison “If your dog is lost you don’t just look for a couple hours and call it quits, you get your ass out there and find that fucking dog”  let’s go find our picks shall we?


Kentucky vs Missouri:  Kentucky -10

Spread opened at -14.5 and has moved to -10. Kentucky is 3-0 ATS and is also at home. #CatsBy90

Marshall vs UNC Charlotte: Marshall -15

When you allow twice as many points as you score per game then you need to think about canceling the season. UNC Charlotte has been close in a couple games but this one won’t be.

Pittsburgh vs Syracuse: Syracuse -3.5

After watching Syracuse play last week I feel like they may be the fastest scoring team in nation. Syracuse has a lot of talent, and I don’t think their record demonstrates how good this team is. Majority of money is on Pittsburgh, but sometimes I want to be on the side of Vegas…. Orangemen bounce back this week.


NC State vs Louisville: NC State Moneyline

This is the most terrifying pick but F-it. These are the stats you need to know. Thursday night, Blackout Uniforms, and it’s a full moon. PACK

FSU vs Miami: FSU +3

This spread started with FSU being favored -1. The fact that they are now getting 3, at home should be just enough to make the pick. However, I am nervous because they almost lost to Wake. I am hoping the home setting can allow them to get a good win.

Memphis vs UConn: Memphis -14

On paper this is kind of close but, UConn lost to ECU. Enough said.