Preview: NCFC Continues Playoff Push Against Indy

After a victorious road match, NCFC squares off against Indy Eleven at home on Sunday to continue the push for NASL Playoffs.

The match against the Cosmos was truly great not only for the much needed three points, but it was an emphatic victory over a Cosmos team that is consistently pretty tough to beat. As Ryan mentioned in the podcast this week, that’s now a victory away in Edmonton, Miami and now New York – all places that have been difficult to get points in the past.

I also really like the new formation that NCFC has been using in recent weeks (also talked about in the podcast). Steven Miller has now been pushed up to midfield with Marcel Kandziora used a pivot midfielder in a 4-1-4-1. Miller, obviously more defensive, allows Nazmi Albadawi to have more freedom to roam and almost become a second striker at times behind Renan Gorne.

Indy Eleven has two main threats in my opinion: their forward partnerships and Jon Busch. Eamon Zayed and Justin Braun wrecked havoc on our defense the last time Indy came to NC. Braun is always able to drop in space between the defensive line and the midfield, which allows him space to distribute or draw defenders out, while Zayed makes runs to stretch out the other defenders. Plus, Braun has a really stupid ponytail. Jon Busch, on the other side of field, somehow always comes up with ridiculous saves when playing against NCFC. I’ve watched him in other NASL games and he’s perfectly fine but when he lines up against NCFC he turns in to Gigi Buffon.

Predicted Outcome: NCFC 2-1. As it’s been said every week, NCFC needs to rack up three points whenever they can for the playoff race/because they have like three games in hand.

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