Thoughts: NCAA Basketball Scandal , NCFC Playoffs, & Staaaaatee

College Players Getting Paid

So we found out on Tuesday some college basketball assistant coaches were charged with fraud for getting paid money to steer players to agents, shoe companies etc. Is anyone really surprised? I’ve known ever since the movie Blue Chips that if you want to get ahead in major college athletics you got to bring cash and tractors to the table. This is going to shake out about 20 different ways and you know some of these guys are going to roll on others.  My favorite part of this scandal?  It involves Rick Pitno and Bruce Pearl. These two guys….amazing! Their programs keep getting in trouble but they just plead ignorance and it works! Rick Pitno’s futrue in Louisville will be longer than his Olive Garden stints but not by much.

North Carolina FC Playoff Push

Despite the roller coaster season the toughest guys in the NASL are in the thick of the playoff push. “We” have played more games in the fall season than the rest of the league but are still looking real good. The homestretch starts with Indy playing Jacksonville on Wednesday night. Raleigh needs to be rooting for an Indy win and then a NCFC win against Indy on Sunday. When this happens Raleigh’s soccer team is looking solid heading into the final month of the season.

Make sure to head to the game on Sunday as they’re going to be giving out Nazmi Albadawi t-shirt jerseys. Word is it comes with a free John Wall dance after he scores. Also, remember to tweet at NASL and tell em to put Austin da Luz on the team of the week and use #daLuzPromoTeam. Austin has unofficially hired us to be his hype guys. We think he’s thrilled to have us on board.

Has NC State Football Arrived?

We’ve started this new thing where we don’t favor one ACC team over another, but I’m not our college football guy. NC State football has arrived! This team can move the ball and score when needed.  State is the best offensive team in the country despite being ranked 41st in total offense. The defense isn’t great outside of the d-line but that’s fine. They don’t need to have an excellent defense when you have an offense like State! Is this the best college football team in the country? Probably. Is this going to finally turn the tide of State athletics where they will become everyone’s favorite team in the state? Oh yea…time to load up the bandwagon. We’re ready for the wild ride that will be State’s season. I guess that Cole Cubelic was right.

Sorry, I know I’ve jinxed State now.

Listen even if we falter in future games, we’ll always have this: