College Football Picks ATS: Week 3

Another week down, another dollar in your pocket. Now that I have given you a thicker wallet, you can stop eating Ramon and get back to a regular meal plan. That being said, lets hope these picks keep rolling!


UCLA vs Memphis: UCLA -3 Payout: -150

Both of these teams know how to score, they BOTH have scored 100% of the time in the redzone this year. The real factor is whose defense will stand up. So, lets focus on the strengths of each team and how it lines up with their opponents defense. Memphis’ defense is allowing 57% completion percentage against a pass heavy UCLA offense that has a completion percentage close to 70%. On the other side, UCLA is giving up 5 yards a play but Memphis tends to run the ball. This game comes down to third downs with UCLA have the advantage in this area.

UNC vs Old Dominion: UNC -10 Payout: -110

I’m stunned by this, I think Vegas is weighing too hard on the fact that Carolina’s record is 0-2. They have played 2 big schools and played both of the games fairly well with a new QB. 10 points against a Conference USA team? If Larry Fedora doesn’t cover this game he should be fired. While I hate taking a team that wears argyle on a jersey, have to go Carolina on this one.

Minnesota vs Middle Tennessee: Minnesota -9 Payout: -110

Trust in P.J! This dude is a winner. He made Western Michigan relevant and has got to be one of the best young coaches out there.

Degenerate Picks:

Louisville vs Clemson: Louisville (Moneyline) +145

Smart money is on Clemson. But screw that. This is college football! Prime time, night game, student section is going to be rowdy

Florida vs Tennessee: Florida -4.5 Payout: -110

Because as rule of thumb I never trust anyone named Quinten. And the state of Florida needs a W this weekend

USC vs Texas: Over 67.5 Payout: -110

USC may be out for blood in this one. I would probably take them -15.5  but considering they have played every game fairly close I’ll just enjoy the scoring.


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