Canes Media Day and NASL Seems Doomed

Cover Photo Credit: Gregg Forwerck/Carolina Hurricanes

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NASL Gets Demoted. Future of NCFC?

News came out today stating the U.S. Soccer Federation has denied the North American Soccer League (NASL) it’s Division 2 status. This basically brings into question whether this league will exist at all next season. The bigger question is what will North Carolina FC will do next season? No worries,  the well oiled machine that is NCFC released a statement this afternoon about the future of the team in 2018:

That’s a badass press release… “No one can keep this club or city down….WE WILL play at the highest level possible next season…oh also, we’re still trying for that MLS thing…ever heard of it?” Listen, the only thing I’m going to miss about NASL is the logo (it’s pretty tight) but I’m looking forward to USL play. NCFC will get some great local rivalries with Richmond, Charleston, and some city in western NC. Also, it’ll only be temporary until we get the call to the big leagues.

Now we got that off our chest we can focus on the important stuff like what RCS Fam Steven Miller is going to make for the NCFC cookbook. Better be chicken parm. Oh and making the playoffs.

Canes Media Day

Today was Canes Media day and I’m sure you all were wondering where was the Raleigh City Sports team? Where were the questions like:

  • “Mr. Jeff Skinner, we’re known tough guys. Do you think these t-shirts make our biceps look big?”
  • “Mr. Scott Darling. Welcome to Raleigh. Why didn’t you get a picture of Mike on your helmet?”
  •  “Jaccob Slavin, you’ve been getting a lot of press this offseason. How do you plan to live up to the hype and new contract? Also, ever heard of our Savage rating?”

Well we have a simple answer…we had to work.

Biggest news coming out of the day was we will finally have a Captain heading into the season. Our money is on Jaccob Slavin. Dude spends his offseason in the area and thats a win in our books.

Big props to friend of the blog Michael Smith for pulling out the victory in the media game. If RCS Mike had been in that game he would have been kicked out within five minutes for his intimidating dance/yelling.

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