Staff Thoughts: ’90s vs ’00s Music, Team Dances, and Haircuts

At Lincoln Theater on Saturday they’re doing an ’90’s vs ’00’s DJ battle between DJ Skillz and SJ Shakim. Which decade do you have?

Moneybags: 2000’s man, my hay-day in high school.  Plenty of Marshall Mathers, 50 Cent, Kanye West and outcast to choose from.  Only thing the 90s have on 2000s is old-school Nelly, the streetsweeper.

Fitz: I don’t remember any Jock Jams by ESPN coming out in the ’00’s. You can’t overplay Quad City DJs.

Ryan: This is a no contest. ‘90s all the way. If he comes correct with everything from the Deathrow and Bad Boy eras mixed with Wu Tang, Fugees, Tribe, Ol’ Dirty and hopefully throwing in some ‘Summertime’ from DJ Jazzy Jeff & Will can the ’00s compete with that? Simple answer: They can’t.

A video posted today about how team dance celebration are sweeping NASL that originated from NCFC. We’ve got a steep hill to climb, but how do we convince them to incorporate the John Wall dance?

Moneybags: It’s a learning/education process.  Back in 2007, for example, nobody knew how to “ghostride the whip”.  Luckily, Mistah Fab was smart enough to create this easy to follow tutorial- perhaps we should take a similar path of educating


Fitz: This is tough because the John Wall dance isn’t flashy or sexy,  it’s a dance that shows the simplicity and strength of Raleigh. Gotta lead by example, once the fan base is doing it then the players will follow.

Ryan:  I’m thinking a flyover is the only option.  Does Silver State sell used planes? If so…lets attach a banner to that clunker and circle every game, both home and away with a giant John Wall banner til it becomes a reality.  Obviously, with the recent Bleacher Report press towards our club’s dancing, we’ve got to make a strong case.  Potentially a rally at Halifax Mall is the last thing I’d like to do, however, I’m not above it.

Kim Jong Un has one crazy haircut. If you were a world leader what kind of hair cut would you have?

Moneybags: Last time I got my haircut I literally gave the guy a picture of Coutinho.  As any good dictator, I would want to inspire everyone else in my country to emulate my style.  I’d go Platinum/silver and start growing out The Weeknd dew, then drop a #1-domestic bestselling alt rock album.

Fitz: First off, I wouldn’t be a dictator. My hair cut would be something cool, yet understated. I would grow my hair long and wear a bandanna with my long hair coming out the back. Sort of like Kid Rock in Joe Dirt (very underrated movie)

Ryan: Most likely a Princess Leia (A New Hope Era, of course) style would be my go to. That way I can shield my ears from the overwhelming love that my people would constantly direct towards me everywhere I go…world leaders gotta eat ya know? How am I supposed to eat my buffalo chicken rangoon’s in peace when everyone is praising me for my amazing policies surrounding a chicken on every table and a Natty Light in every hand?