NCFC Outside Raleigh

NCFC Falls To Miami And I Ramble

Make sure to get on the social medias and send us a message with #RCSThoughts. We’re looking for the best stadium features ideas. Previously, we mentioned jet celebrations (happening), splash pads etc. Stuff like that. Maybe you mention “The John Wall”, where a section of the stadium would be dedicated to fans promoting the John Wall dance among fans and players. Best idea wins a Raleigh City Sports prize pack (includes a t-shirt among other things).

NCFC Falls To Miami 1-0

Not the outcome we wanted. Miami scored in the first half and despite the late push by NCFC it wasn’t enough to top the Miami Dolphins soccer team. Tiyi Shipalane came in with some great moves in the end of the match but just couldn’t get the break we needed. Big shot out to Nazmi…don’t know why we don’t have a nickname for him yet, but the way he plays he deserves much more than one of our stupid nicknames.

Things To Be Excited About:  Renan Gonre

Gonre made his NCFC debut late in the match and this dude is a real Alpha out on the pitch. The Brazilian came in and started shooting his shot from the get go. I’m excited to see watch him play more.

Tough Guy Of The Match: Christian Ibeagha

Ibeagha is a badass and brings physicality to NCFC’s backline.  It seems he riles up the opponents which makes him a mental badass. Even tougher.

Number Of John Wall Dances: 0

Random Ramblings

  • How I did I not know the “Home Alone” dad had passed away?  Mr. McAllister may have forgotten his son a few times, but he was a good man. RIP
  • SB Nation is getting called out for profiting off hard work. This is a tough one. On the bloggers side, you bust your butt and crank out 12 blogs a week for $100. That sucks. However, a blogger does get access to SB Nations built in audience. I say if you can’t parlay it into bigger things then start your own blog. It’s not that hard…we did it.

Cleveland Stuff

Y’all may know I’m a Cleveland sports fan so let me just get this things off my chest ( I put it at the end so you could ignore it).

  1. I don’t blame Cleveland for holding onto Kyrie (for now) with the uncertainty of LeBron heading into next year. I’d tell em to suck it up for a year and then if Mr. James bounces then you still have someone to  sell (sort of) tickets
  2. Browns are only the 30th worst team in the preseason power rankings!! This is great news! Moving on up! Honestly, I think they win between five to seven games and that makes me ecstatic.
  3.  Man I hope the Tribe make another World Series.  Once you’ve had a taste of the fine stuff then everything else is crap.