Preview: NCFC Takes Aim At The Armada

Cover Photo Credit NASL/Miami FC

Three goals by three different players for a massive three points.

Look, I don’t really want to get into the old nickname for the club when they couldn’t win any away games. Of course, you do not ever want your team to let a two goal slip away in a three minute span, and the team does deserve some criticism for not locking things up. NCFC had momentum going against them, but Miami switched off once that second goal deflected in. What is most important, however, is the focus and determination of the NCFC players to push until the last whistle and not be content to walk away with just a point – which would be completely fair against any team, let alone Miami FC.

[Side note: I had a friend in college that refused to believe in the concept of “momentum” in sports. The guy was very smart – a philosophy major who went on to become an attorney – and even participated in/watched professional sports. Yet he still claimed that “momentum” was a myth. After college, I was at a bar with a bunch of other Arsenal fans when this happened.  I texted him about it and showed him the replay but he still didn’t believe me. It was devastating but a great example of momentum turning. I know there’re countless other examples in sports, but my mind is on the Premier League opener today. RIP Tioté.]

Other than the win, there are some other exciting takeaways from this match. Steven Miller is in amazing form after a long hiatus due to injury. Fitz texted me before the game that he had feeling Miller would score against Miami. Unfortunately, he didn’t, but he did provide two assists and remained tidy defensively for most of the match. If he stays healthy, NCFC are way more solid and dynamic on that right side.

Speaking of goal-scorers, it was nice to see Jonathan Glenn and Marcel Kandziora score their first NCFC goals. Well, I didn’t actually see Kandziora’s because Miami’s commentators were too busy showing slow motion replays of a non-existent foul against Miami in NCFC’s box. I’ve mentioned it here before, but Dean Linke and co. really know how to call a match correctly.

Glenn’s performance also presents a selection headache for Colin Clarke. With Billy Schuler hopefully coming back from injury soon, and Renan Gorne coming into the fold, Clarke actually now has a choice of who to play up top. Personally for the match against Jacksonville, I would keep Glenn in the starting lineup. He’s going up against his former team, so he has something to prove. I’m sure new boy Danny Barrow would like to get involved with his old club as well.

Jacksonville hasn’t won a NASL fixture since July 1, so the MOMENTUM is definitely going against them. Let’s hope Brian Shriver doesn’t have that great of a homecoming and that NCFC can continue its run in the push for NASL playoffs.

Song of the Week

Also, want to give a big shout out to the newest addition of RCS, Ryan Jernigan. He’s done some good stuff on the site before as you can see here and here. Or you can catch him at all the NCFC/Courage games banging drums and popping smoke bombs that piss of the Town of Cary.  I kind of wanted Neymar, but Fitz and Mike spent all the RCS money on Natty Light. But Ryan’s ok, I guess.

You can find JP on Twitter at @jp_rcs.