Celebration Dances, Courageous Dancing, & Vince Wilfork

No John Wall But Still Some Pretty Good Dance Moves

Most of you probably would have been raving about North Carolina FC’s coordinated goal celebrations in the 3-2 win over Miami FC but Miami employs a lack luster production team. This bad excuse for a broadcast made us miss the second goal AND the first two goal celebrations. I get the home broadcast being homers, but don’t miss a goal as you complain about a non-foul. Also, if you missed the goal then at least show us the celly! I guess all teams can’t be as blessed as we are with Dean Linke.

Enough complaining, lets break down one of the celebrations:

  • Starts out with a group of five. This is a great formation and displays the cohesiveness of the team. It’s reminiscent of an inverted flying V. If you need a comparison just pop in a Mighty Ducks VHS and hit rewind.
  • Love the coordinated rowing motion. It’s no John Wall, but this is ALMOST better
  • Steven Miller looks like he might be double jointed with that reach he’s getting with his shoulders. I’m pretty sure his elbows touch!

Score: 8.5 (out of 10 or 1 on the binary scale). Points for teamwork. Good Job Austin, Naz, Steven, Glenn and Dre

Courage Players Have Some Moves Too

Taylor Smith and Lynn WIlliams of the Courage are not to be outdone when it comes to dancing. Check out this video that Taylor Smith posted to her YouTube  channel over the weekend:

It’s a pretty good tutorial for dance moves. “The Floor Is Lava” is usually what I bust out at weddings, but it looks more like Riverdance when I perform. I will say if you want to see some serious dance moves then play “Call Your Girlfriend” by Robyn for Mike and your life will be changed. I feel a dance-off brewing. If you need judges or competitors then hit up the Raleigh City Sports crew.

Vince Wilfork Retires In The Best Way Possible

Vince Wilfork is one smart dude. He takes a mundane activity such as retirement and makes it funny and gets sponsored! SPONSORED! I can’t even get this blog sponsored! I mean occasional free tacos and some pool access from our good friends at Silver State Imports isn’t bad, but cash is king! I’m talking an extension of our Silver State deal plus some love from Natural Light… that’s it! Anyways, we’ll have you vote on who our next sponsor should be (that’s how it works). Check out Vince’s video below:

One Last Word:

Who remembers the bitter beer face commercials? If commercials were made like this today then maybe people wouldn’t skip them. Also, those Keystone Light cans look great. Bring those back!