NCFC Prepare To Engulf Miami….DALE

Cover Photo Credit Rob Kinnan

Matt Fondy apparently loves scoring penalties against Puerto Rico FC at the end of matches.

For the second straight week, Fondy scored a (very well placed) penalty in stoppage time to deny Puerto Rico FC points. After NCFC started out strong, Puerto Rico found their rhythm and started to take more control in the game. They eventually capitalized in the 14th minute on their first chance from Jordi Quintilla. But you have to give credit to NCFC for clawing their way back and starting off the fall season without a loss.

On to more important matters, the club has been pretty busy on the transfers/signings front. This week, in my opinion, was very integral and I’m very satisfied with the pieces of business the club has done. First, the club locked down the services of Jose Carranza with the teenager signing his first professional contract. You have to remember that Carranza is part of the United States National Team set-up and has represented the country at the U-18 level. He has a very bright future, and it’s great that the club can continue to nurture his talents.

Another exciting piece of news is that the club also signed Botafoga forward Renan Gorne on loan. Ryan mentioned him last week in his preview, but I had to do some more scouting (Google) myself. Apparently, he scored 31 goals last season. Okay fine, it was for the U20 side but that is still a lot of goals. I’m a little upset that someone didn’t make a “Welcome to NCFC Renan Gorne – All Goals and Assists 2017 1080HP” video with a banging EDM track, but this video will do. Warning: terrible music incoming:

I like this guy’s style. To be brutally honest, we need a clinical finisher leading the line. Billy Schuler has had some injury issues that have derailed his consistency, and Matt Fondy unfortunately has not had a good year so far. Nazmi Albadawi is an excellent creator and really deserves to have a higher assist count than he does right now. Hopefully Renan Gorne can be that finisher, or inspire Fondy/Schuler to step it up.

Miami FC is coming off a heartbreaking loss to FC Cincinnati in the quarterfinals of the US Open Cup, so I expect some rotation for Saturday’s game. Maybe with the loss and the constant headlines about their owner trying to install promotion/relegation or buying the MLS franchise will weigh heavily on their players’ minds. Either way, it’s a good time for NCFC to grab some points on their quest for the playoffs.

Song of the Week

I really need to get that terrible Brazilian music out of my head.


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