NCFC Outside Raleigh

Tuesday Takes: LaVar Ball, Puerto Rican Time Machine, LA Olympics

Matt Fondy Photo Credit Rob Kinnan NCFC

It’s August! Got an exciting month of sports ahead of us and some great podcasts coming your way. Make sure to check in on Thursday for our newest pod! Big time guest.

LaVar Ball Has Got To Go

This guy sucks. Can we just send him on his way to autograph conventions and not give him a serious audience anymore? The WWE is an acceptable landing spot because he is pure entertainment.  Lets just remove him from the constant news cycle (We can talk about it because we’re a bunch of out of shape, really cool bloggers).

Puerto Rican Deja Vu

Another Saturday, another Matt Fondy PK in the south end in the final minutes of a match. Oh yea, and another meaningful Matt Fondy goal. Puerto Rico can’t catch a break (which we’re fine with) and should have come away with three points, but NCFC starts off the Fall season with a point. In case you didn’t know, Steven Miller drew that PK (at least what we saw) so we feel he should’ve gotten a little more credit (fireworks, a free car…that sort of thing). However, he does have a Raleigh City Sports player of the month trophy so we know he is doing just fine. Speaking of Player of The Month…the polls for August open on Wednesday!

Olympics Coming Back To USA in 2028

It was leaked today that the Olympics will be coming back to the USA in 2028! I, for one, am pretty pumped because I couldn’t attend the Atlanta games due to summer camp. As a former swimmer (not even close to being in shape now) the Olympics are one of my favorite sporting events. Also, the IOC is finally learning they need to host these games where the infrastructure already exists. No more wasted funds and billion dollar ghost towns. In 2028 I’ll probably have two kids and another dog so I’ve sent an email to my in-laws to go ahead and take care this future family now.