Staff Thoughts: Training Camp Car Arrivals, Hurricanes Ideas, NCFC Fall Season

Since it’s start of training camp then that means media coverage of the vehicles the players arrive in. What vehicle would you show up in?

Jet: My moms minivan.  Take the back seats out and put a blanket and pillow in there so I can catch some Z’s during breaks.


Creative Producer Joey:  Something I bought from Silver State Imports. It lets my teammates know I’m in good shape and and running fast, but more importantly I got a good deal.

Fitz: Rollerblades. Shows the coaches two things 1. I work out. 2. I’m not up to date on the latest fashion trends because I keep my nose in the playbook.

Fall Season for North Carolina FC starts on Saturday at 730 PM ($10 tickets). We gonna make the playoffs?

Jet:  No….doubt in my mind! See you in the ‘ship Miami!

JP: I think it’s an achievable goal. The key is to keep everyone healthy and not get into a losing streak like they did in June. Lance Laing is locked down, and it seems like we got some new guys coming too. $10 tickets are a great deal too. I also hear that Neymar is available for $300M…

Creative Producer Joey: Saturday’s are for the boys, so I think we’ll be straight, considering all of our opponents are little girls.

Fitz: Oh yeah. The boys are getting healthy and  they’ll be ready to rock come Saturday. WE, as a team, feel pretty confident.

Although far from over, potential new Hurricanes owner Chuck Greenberg is getting his ducks in a row. IF he buys the team what would you like to see changed?

Jet: Level PNC arena, build a venue downtown.  Result: more tailgating room for football, hockey attendance rises because there will be things to do around the arena, basketball moves back to Reynolds Coliseum.

Creative Producer Joey: I’d like to see more Storm Squad girls.  Can never have enough of those.

JP: I mean it’s obvious, but a playoff run could be pretty sweet. Or he could just buy Neymar.

Fitz: Honestly, I would like to see the massive upgrades to the PNC arean they mentioned a few years ago. I never heard anything more. It had a balcony ledge! Ledge parties are always pretty solid.