Tuesday Takes: Greenberg In Town, MLS Denies Pro/Rel, and Wildcard

  1. Lots of good things going on in Raleigh, but not a lot of local sports news coming down the pipe. Nonetheless we’ve dug down into the barrel to bring you what you need to know.

Potential Hurricanes Owner Chuck Greenberg Comes To Raleigh

Chip Alexander caught potential new Hurricanes owner, Chuck Greenberg, down at Raleigh Center Ice poking around his potential investment. Sir Chuck can’t talk about the sale because you know lawyers, but he did take a nice picture just down the street from everybody’s favorite Biscuitville. First thing (Chuck probably knows this), you’re going to want to upgrade the practice facility situation. Also,  you’re invited  to come on our podcast while in town. We promise we won’t talk about the sale and we have plenty of free Natural Lights/ Miller Lites (we’re counting carbs) to offer. Don’t worry, It’s not one of those too good to be true moments.

MLS Was Floated $4 Billion to Switch to Pro/Rel System But Denied

Miami FC’s owner/Media mogul, Riccardo Silva, offered the MLS a TV deal worth $4 billion with the clause the league would have to move to a  promotion/relegation format. The MLS said kick rocks. No real surprise on this one. While it would be awesome, there is no motivation for the owners to agree to something like this even with a lot of money on the line. Even if the MLS did negotiate the TV deal outside of their normal process, the money still isn’t worth the risk. If you do the math, the incremental amount of TV revenue ( additional $3 billion over current deal) divided by 28 teams ( in 2023 the expansion process will be completed) comes to around an additional $107 million per team. That’s pretty good money but you gotta think it’s short changing team values in the long run. If expansion teams are going for $150 million right now, then in five to ten years one has to think team values will be approaching that additional “value”  on their own without risk of being demoted. Not to mention how big their next TV deal will be without the pro/rel clause.

Professional soccer in the US would be great with a pro/rel system but since our man Steve Malik is steering Raleigh to join the MLS then I think I’ll be pro owner on this one. However, if we don’t get a spot in the first division then count me back on the pro/rel bandwagon because it will just make too much sense at that point.


Cav sign Derrick Rose To a One Year Deal

Does it matter? The media has already set the Cavs franchise on fire! They might as well pack it in and not play this season because the East is too tough. Oh wait….the East sucks. Signing Rose is a good move especially if they trade Kyrie Irving and don’t get a return at the point guard position. Will Rose be 2011 Rose? That would be awesome but I’d expect 20 pts/5 asst. from him if he’s given the starting position in Cleveland. If I were the new Cavs GM, Koby Altman, I’d trade Kyrie to the West and let those teams beat up each other. Also, they should take any deal that would involve Eric Bledsoe and a very capable/over the hill forward who plays for the Knicks