Raleigh…You Did Good

Raleigh, I have to say you really showed up on Wednesday. Despite people saying our society lives in its own  social media bubbles, we really got the WHOLE city out. We showed them we want something bigger. This blog is proud of what we did as a city!

Lets just check in with how the city looked after the dope video the good people at North Carolina FC posted (A little better than our hype video):

But where is the splash pad we’ve been requesting for months? Don’t worry it’s there…allegedly.

It got real for a little bit…we have a great stadium location, we have a great city, but do we have enough support? Yes, we do! Our boy Mike could barely squeeze into City Market!

But the best part was when Creative Producer Joey caught this chant with Captain Nazmi Albadawi looking on:

@mls Welcome home. #919toMLS @oakcitysupporters @nazmialbadawi

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Props to Oak City Supporter’s Ryan Jernigan for doing the media circuit. We hope he doesn’t forget about us when we need him on the pod again.

We even caught up with Raleigh City’s players of the month for May and June to see what they thought:

“The rally was amazing to see the support this has gotten from our community. It’s really special. I think we proved that we deserve an MLS team”- Captain Nazmi Albadawi

“If it was ever in question, I think today’s event showed that the City Of Oaks and the entire Triangle deserve an MLS franchise. The turnout was incredible and the stadium looks amazing. Its’s an exciting time to be a part of the club”– Steven “Weavin” Miller

Y’all obviously know how much this blog loves the City of Raleigh. We knew y’all did too and we are so pumped  everybody else in the country can see what we have brewing. Go Raleigh! Go North Carolina FC!