NCFC vs Puerto Rico FC Preview (7/15/2017)

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Ok, FC Edmonton Redditors, you got me.

It was a tall order for NCFC to go to Edmonton and get a win, but I had faith that the boys could do it. That, along with Edmonton’s terrible losing streak/scoring drought, lead me to predict a 3-0 victory away from home. Once I saw the lineup though, I knew we were in trouble. No James Marcelin, Bolu Akinyode, or Billy “Chilly” Schuler really throws my (proven) theory on how to win games out the window.

It’s best not to get too down on what transpired in Edmonton since this is a big week for NCFC coming up and the glass needs to be full. But I will say “congrats” to Dre Fortune for getting his first NCFC goal and “boo” to the FC Edmonton announcers that ESPN had call the game. I wasn’t the only one who thought they were absolutely impartial and made the game even more difficult to watch. These guys also complained about it being 78 degrees outside the entire time. I’m in a constant state of swamp ass here in Texas because it’s 100 degrees for 20 hours of the day, so I have no sympathy for Messrs. Gareth and Steve. Where’s Dean Linke when you need him?

First, NCFC plays Puerto Rico FC for the final game of the spring NASL campaign. I don’t want to jinx anything since I’m apparently the worst, but all I will say is that NCFC has beaten them twice this season and has double PRFC’s point total.

Next Wednesday is the big day though. After making a quick stop in Charlotte to hear MLS 4 CLT or whatever they are called’s bid (which is in absolute shambles right now), MLS executives will come to downtown Raleigh to go over our bid. A rally will be held, and I’m sure Steve Malik will break out the red carpet and throw out some Lonerider and some Governor Cooper. I really hope the whole area shows up in full support, but it feels like Malik is pretty confident with his bid. Let’s hope so.

Finally, NCFC squares off against the Swans of Swansea City on Saturday. I will have a preview for that match of course, and I’ll be sure to include my essay on the nuances of Swansea playmaker Gylfi Sigurdsson (oh wait). Either way, it’s a fun cap to an exciting week. I bet those Swansea players are going to melt in the North Carolina heat.

Predicted Outcome: Shut up.

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PS: Thanks to Chilly Schuler and Dem Poncho Boyz for the Raleigh Cheers on this week’s RCS podcast. If you somehow haven’t watched the RCS June Player of the Month trophy presentation video, check it out here.


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