Staff Thoughts: MLS, Oak City Classic, Slavin Gets Paid

Big weekend ahead with NCFC on Saturday and then the main event on Sunday with the Oak City Classic (if you can’t get out and play, then get out and support the great cause). Below are out thoughts, which we’re sure you’ve been going crazy with anticipation.

MLS is coming to town on July 19th. What should we (us, City, it doesn’t matter) do to catch the ‘ attention of the MLS?

JP:  Steve Malik has caught the attention of the MLS and now he will catch the attention of Raleigh. As a city, I think the best thing to do is to come out in numbers at the rally — and then continue that trend for the Swansea game and then the fall NASL season.

Fitz: Gotta blow it out. Everybody needs to spread the word. Also, this is just me, but some $2 Lonerider Captain Ale always cranks up the volume.

Moneybag$: First off, get these guys relaxed by always keep their Macallan glasses topped off. After that, show what makes this area amazing.

Raleigh Hurricane Jaccob Slavin got paid with a seven year extentsion at an average of $5.3 million a year. Thoughts?

Fitz: I’m going to have to update my Savage ratings now. Another key component is how much money you make. Slavin will make a lot now. He might be tied with Justin Faulk but the computers will figure it out. It usually takes a few days to run the computation. It’s pretty complex.

Moneybag$: Sounds great. It’s economic stimulation. Always a fan of increasing the tax base in Wake County and Raleigh.

Apparently, we need a mascot for the Oak City Classic this weekend. Thoughts?

Fitz: Steve Malik, but more as a hype man. After his rousing speech on Wednesday night we’ll need that guy when the holes start to spin. Although he may have some important business to attend to in the coming days.

JP: The Raleigh City Sports Player of the Month trophy is pretty popular I hear.

Moneybag$: I dunno because I already got in trouble with Disney for using Scoorge McDuck as my avatar….how about Mufasa.

Will we finish last in the Oak City Classic this week? If so, will it hurt our credibility?

JP:  I’m sad that I won’t be bringing my talents this weekend, but maybe next year. I think our credibility will skyrocket if you guys wear tuxedos and tennis shoes, though.

Moneybag$: I am excited to return to the Oak City this weekend for the event!  We will not finish last but if we do, it will be with flair and style unmatched.

Fitz: What credibility?