Tuesday Takes: Canes Drafts and Soccer Stuff

Before we get into the topics I have to say Raleigh Cheers to the local sports teams for representing at the 2017 Thomas Crowder Memorial Golf Tournament for the Boy Scouts Of America. Both Carolina Hurricanes and North Carolina FC were well represented. Bigger props to North Carolina FC for having a tent setup and fielding a team (Hurricanes may have had one but NCFC was rocking strong logos). It makes this blogger proud. Anyways, on to the hot stuff.

Hurricanes Go Through Two Drafts

Carolina Hurricanes went through the expansion draft and entry draft with very little fanfare. Many fans (including myself) were hoping for some big splashes in terms of trades etc. This didn’t happen outside of adding Trevor Van Reimsdyk, who will probably be a pleasant surprise and upgrade in our third pairing. In the end, we just overrated our draft picks. Just because you have a lot of draft picks doesn’t mean you have something that holds a lot of value.

People were complaining about keeping the pick and selecting a player who won’t make an immediate impact. Lets take a look at this for a second. If the Canes couldn’t select a player who can immediately play then what makes one think another team could? In all honesty, the 12th pick just wasn’t as strong of a bargaining chip as everyone thought. Criticizing Ron Francis at this point is just click bait. It’s not like Ron Francis is sitting in his office with the phone ringing off the hook and not knowing what to do.

If we head into the season with this roster, which is likely, then I think we still have a strong chance at making the playoffs. It isn’t the ideal scenario, but it isn’t worth bitching and moaning about either. We still have time to add some forward so lets see what we can get!. Lets Go Canes and Lets Go Raleigh!!!

North Carolina FC Drops Tough One To Indy

It’s never fun seeing your team drop a tough one to a bunch of Midwestern losers 2-1. However, it is fun when there is a two hour rain delay that turns the tailgate into a sport of its own. I don’t know if there is a better place to be this summer than Sahlen’s Stadium. Every time I go out there I have a blast. This is coming from a guy who had been to one professional soccer match before this season. It’s just like tailgating for a football game, but the actual game is more exciting and you get home quicker. No way around it. It’s better! Also, I’m feeling a real hot streak coming on for the men at Sahlen’s Stadium, so hop on the bandwagon now before it fills up.

Courage Continue to Roll

Another game, another win, and still on top of the table. The Courage traveled to Boston and took down the Breakers 1-0. Ashley Hatch can’t be stopped at this point and the ladies keep rolling. All of this without Lynn Williams and Jessica McDonald. Also, how about Kathlyn Rowland? Shes has three shutouts in four starts since taking over the keeper duties.

Quick Hits

Welcome to slow season! Until free agency starts in the NHL and NBA then not much will be happening.

    • Derek Ryan resigns with the Hurricanes which will provide the forward depth we will need going into the season. DR didn’t waste anytime and then brokered a deal to give his #33 to Scott Darling. Ryan went a little low, but he’s a team guy and he’s knows we need to keep the man in between the pipes happy. Way to eat healthy though DR!
  • Russell Westbrook wins NBA MVP. Say what you want about his season, but we will not witness another season  like it for some time.
  • John Wall is recruiting Paul George. John back off! Let Cleveland have him for one year and then LeBron and PG will leave. Then you can dominate the East.