Why Is Everyone Freaking Out?

Cover Photo Credti: Gregg Forwerck/Carolina Hurricanes

Maybe everybody’s expectations were a little too high on the first day of the draft. Did I think we’d be able to move Noah Hanifin, a prospect, and a first round pick for the top 3 forward we need? I did, but I’m not pulling the fire alarm yet.

It’s easy to get caught up in what’s happening elsewhere around the league and say “I want that to happen to us”. However, it’s not fair to  compare deals involving Artemi Panarin or Brandon Saad  to the Hurricanes situation. Those teams are in win now mode. They don’t want prospects or picks in return. So no point in mentioning them. Ron Francis knows who his targets are in the trade market and he knows the price. Also, Francis knows we probably need to overpay to get the scoring we need. Without knowing the asking on the other end, I’m just going to keep my mouth shut. (Seriously, just go get it. do it)

Basically, I’ll sit and trust Ron Francis for 10 more days before I start moaning. He’s already addressed the biggest concern in the offseason with the goaltending situation. Now lets allow him to address the goal scoring issue that’s plague the Raleigh region the last few years.

To be clear, come July 4th if we don’t have a top 6 forward added to our lineup then I will start wonder what could’ve been. Until then I’ll wait and see what the next few weeks will bring.