RCS Staff: Canes Jersey, OCC Name, & Bring Back The John Wall Dance

Caption: Live look in at Fitz and Mike in the North End of Sahlen’s Stadium this coming weekend

Carolina Hurricanes have new gear. What do you think the new home jerseys?

FITZ: I love em! I had some strong doubts and the early leaks were bad. But the Canes went and TOTALLY REDEEMED THEMSELVES!

JP: The new ones look cool, especially when put side by side with the old ones. They didn’t look that bland in the one NHL game I watched this season. The warning flags are very cool, but why are they hiding them?

JFK: I like the new unis — good mix of the originals plus the last iteration. I thought the last ones were too Red Wing-ish, so these are better. I’m bummed the black alternates are gone next year, though. If they bring the alternates back, they need to match the other two uniforms. Totally stupid to keep them in the old design with old numbers and lettering.

It’s been seven years since the John Wall swept the nation, should we bring it back as the dance of Raleigh?
FITZ:  Yea, I’m bringing it back for sure! Universal sign of Raleigh. Nothing shows the Raleigh sports spirit than The John Wall.  I’ll be doing it in the North End at Sahlen’s Stadium.

JP: I didn’t get the memo that it left…The reason I love that move so much is that it’s effortless. If I’m tired of moving my feet, I’ll just throw a John Wall real quick while I catch my breath.

JFK: Yeah, bring it back. Why not? I won’t be doing it in the North End at Sahlens Stadium this weekend or elsewhere in life ever. Bring it back Fitz!

Turbo Tobin gave us a little jab on this weeks podcast for our team name ‘Raleigh City Sports’ in the upcoming Oak City Classic. Any new name thoughts?

FITZ: Nah. All due respect to Turbo, but we gotta rep Raleigh City.

JFK: RCS it is. Gotta get the word out.

JP:  I want to know what Turbo’s parents’ team name is going to be.