Noah Hanifin

Fitz’s Hurricanes ‘Blockbuster’ Proposal

Credit: Gregg Forwerck, Carolina Hurricanes.

Alright since Ron Hainsey has a Stanley Cup I’m ready to talk about some Carolina Hurricanes offseason happenings. Lets be clear, this is what I want to see happen and not what I think GM Ron Francis will actually do in the coming weeks. Will the Canes make some moves in the comings days? Never can tell, but if I was a gambling man ( I am) then I would be ready for some fireworks around the Expansion Draft (6/21) and the NHL Draft (6/23).

Trade All The Draft Picks…All of Em

Okay so not all of them. While having a solid prospect pipeline is important we need to move some of our 10 draft picks in this years draft. We have a first rounder, three seconds, and two thirds that could be attractive  when paired with one of our defensemen to bring in some goal scoring. This is what I propose: Package a first and a second with one of our top four defenseman to get the goal scoring we need to make the leap.

Do Not Move Justin Faulk

I’ve hated all these Justin Faulk rumors over the last year or so. I know he may not be the shut down defenseman that some Caniacs want him to be , but that’s not what we need him to do. Faulk’s role is to be above average defensively and score smoking hot American goals. Jaccob Slavin’s role is to be the shutdown guy. So as I said before, we got to move a top four defenseman to get some scoring. It’s got to be either Brett Pesce or Noah Hanifin. It’s not an easy choice but I’d prefer to move Hanifin over Pesce. Hanifin could end up being the best of the bunch or he could end up being an average NHL defenseman. So why not sell when his value is at a high level? Either that or convince a team to take Hayden Fleury or Jake Bean.

Goal Scoring

We have our package (1st round pick, 2nd round pick, and Noah Hanfin), so who do we get? Definitely not that garbage THW was peddling last week with the Caps. I’d like to have TJ Oshie, but I wouldn’t trade for him. Also, I wouldn’t pay him more than 3 years at $5 million per. This line in the sand won’t sign a 30+ year old who happened to play on one of the best teams last year ( I think he’s overrated if you can’t tell).

So let’s look at some possibilities:

  • Leon Draisaitl: He’s a RFA so it’s going to take at least the package listed above to pry him away from the Oilers. It’ll probably take a prospect like Julien Gauthier, Nicolas Roy or Bean to sweeten the pot. I’m not scared. Draisaitl is a center we need and he’s young enough that I feel comfortable giving up youth. However, if I were the Oilers I wouldn’t move him at all. I’m mad at myself for even putting the thought in my head.


  • Matt Duchene: To be honest I got so sick of the rumors this past year that I don’t know if I want him/he’s even worth a trade.  There hasn’t been a whole lot of talk around Duchene to Carolina lately, but I’m sure a high draft pick and Hanifin could get a deal done. If anything replace the second with a third round pick and I’ll be at the airport welcoming him to Raleigh. Is he the best bet?


  • Ryan Nugent Hopkins: The Oiler we’re more likely to get. I know RNH is sort of a lighting rod, but one thing you have to acknowledge is he is a consistent point scorer. I don’t think the Canes are at the point to say no to a 50-60 point scorer. However, he is at best a second to third line center with the Hurricanes, so I think the best you offer is a second or third round pick with Fleury or Bean.


  • Jonathan Drouin: Man, I don’t know. His whole ordeal a few years ago seems to be a red flag for me. I like people who can score, but I’d rather have someone I know won’t put himself above the team.


I think I’ve talked myself into Duchene for the 20th time in the last seven months.

In the end, I don’t care if its a center or a winger, just get us someone who can score 60-70 points in a season and help us get to the playoffs. Will it cost us a lot? For sure. Will it be worth it? Absolutely. There’s no guarantees in anything, but trading unknown/unproven assets for someone who can put up points is worth the risk. It can’t get any worse so lets go for it!

I trust Ron Francis, so if we end up not getting that sexy name then that’s okay with me. Just someone/anyone that can add to what seems to be a promising forward group.

Oh and one more thing, keep Cam Ward as the backup!