JP’s Prematch Report (6/3/2017)

Cover Photo Credit: Rob Kinnan-NCFC

North Carolina FC at New York Cosmos — 4:00 PM EST Sunday June 10, 2017

Here we go again. After falling to the Cosmos last Sunday 1-0, NCFC gets a grudge match in Brooklyn. Plus the boys from NC get to go up against a team that got smoked in the second half at home by the Eddies of Edmonton (who are usually not that good).

From the first whistle on Sunday, it seemed that NCFC was going to be in for a fight against the Cosmos. The Cosmos were pressing very high and seemed to be the first to the ball on multiple occasions. This is not to say that NCFC didn’t want it as much, or to blame the weather at all (even though it seemed pretty hot out there) – the Cosmos are a good team with good players. In the first half, Connor Tobin – who is predominately a central defender – had a torrid time against Walter Restrepo on the left (NCFC facing). The Cosmos looked to stretch the field and Tobin was always going to be exposed since Lance Laing is more of an offensive threat than a winger who is going to track back all the time. Restrepo ended up providing the assist for Juan Guerra in the 52nd minute. A little after that, Tobin had to leave the match with an apparent hamstring injury (get well soon, Turbo). There were multiple chances from Nazmi Albadawi, Matt Fondy, and Billy Schuler in the final 20 minutes of the match, but unfortunately nothing came from any. By the way, I really like the nickname “Chilly Schuler”.

Speaking of being cold as ice, Brian Sylvestre had another great game and earned himself yet another spot on the NASL Team of the Week, which is his fourth time this season. At the time of writing (just in case he makes another recorded save somehow), he has 45 saves this season. I wouldn’t be surprised if some MLS or international teams start wanting a closer look at the NCFC keeper.

A final thought: I’m not Moneybags, but I’m calling a NCFC victory over the Houston Dynamo next week. And that’s not the homer in me either; I’ve watched the Dynamo a couple of times this season and haven’t been that impressed. I think they will underestimate NCFC and might pay the price for it. You heard it here first.

Players To Watch:

Walter Restrepo, NY Cosmos : As I mentioned above, Restrepo had a pretty good game against NCFC’s left side last week. I suspect that Kareem Moses will fill in as left back for Saturday’s game, so I’m sure the Cosmos will be looking to get the ball to Restrepo even more. On a related note, the documentary Restrepo is really good.

Brian Sylvestre, NCFC:  He’s been having big games for NCFC all season. I’m glad that he is making all these saves, but I kind of wish the back line would do a better job at limiting the shots in the first place.

Predicted Outcome: 1-1

I also want to point everyone’s attention to this week’s RCS podcast. It features my fellow Demon Deac Austin da Luz covering many topics and even answering some Wake Forest-focused questions from yours truly. Maybe in the off-season I can get that rematch in beer pong…

Song of the Week

Question of the Week

What movies are you most excited for this month? – Cooper

Looking through this list, there is a lot to be excited for this month in terms of releases – both limited and wide. I have yet to see Wonder Woman but I have heard good things about it. The two releases I would recommend seeing are It Comes At Night and Baby Driver. Both are getting really good reviews from the critics that have seen them already. I’m a huge fan of Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim) so I most excited about Baby Driver.

I recently went to see a movie in Austin (Alien: Covenant which was not good) and as I was entering the theater, I noticed a bunch of people exiting school buses and wondered what the hell was going on. Turns out, they had just come back from seeing It Comes At Night out in the woods. Everyone had nothing but great things to say about it, so I will definitely check it out. You should as well.

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