Minting Money With Moneybags (6/9/17)

Alright guys I’m 11-4 since my return and went 3-0 on my picks the week before our vacation. If you bet the same on every one of those bets then you’re looking at a 38% return. That’s real winnings! I will admit this week I’m going with more underdogs after getting that sweet taste of big money after Arsenal winning in the FA Cup!

***Disclaimer: Raleigh City Sports and it numerous affiliates are providing advice and are not licensed bet advisers. You can lose money following our advice and that’s not our responsibility. However, if you do win a bet  we recommend donating $1 to Playing For Pride.  Also, check out our podcast on iTunes orSoundCloud. New episode “drops” this Friday****

Cavaliers (+200 ML) Over Warriors- Game 4, Friday 9 PM

Jared From Glenwood South thinks the Cavs will get swept and I can’t disagree with him but the +200 is tempting. I’m willing to risk the Boxcar tokens for the upside.

Penguins (ML +130) Over Predators- Game 6 – Sunday 

It’ll be a tough one for the Pens to pull out in Smashville but this time they know what to expect. Penguins all the way. Most people may be rooting for a game seven but not here. Close it out Pittsburgh. Fitz want his 10-1 pay off.

USA (+525 ML) Over Mexico- Sunday 8:30 PM

Uhhh I might be missing something but these are crazy odds! It’ll be the USA’s first game at Estadio Azteca since 2013 and this game is a win win. If you bet and lose then you’re just being patriotic. If you bet and win then you’re a genius. Remember they got to win in regulation!

Raleigh this is a big weekend and lets go out and win our picks!



  1. The US has never won in the Estadio Azteca in a WCQ, going 0-2-5 and getting outscored 4-13. Overall in Mexico the Yanks have posted a paltry 1-1-23 over our last 25 WCQ matches. We got our first win the Azteca period in a 2012 friendly. That being said, Pulisic and Fitz say we’re gonna win, so that’s enough for me. 2-1 Yanks, Pulisic 23′ Dos Santos 52′ Dempsey 85′

  2. Mr. T-Money, Moneybags informs me history is just that but we’re 1-0-1 in our last two matches and +525 is worth any risk

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