LIFESTYLE NCFC Outside Raleigh

Staff Thoughts: Food Trucks, Miami Stadium, Kesha vs Seinfeld

There’s a food truck rodeo in Raleigh on Sunday (Noon-7pm). Whats your favorite food truck?

Jet:  Man, mine is the Baton Rouge Cuisine, but it looks like they aren’t going to be there this time. If you’ve never tried boudin balls, do yourself a favor and go find some.  Anyway, Philly’s Cheesesteaks makes great Philly Cheesesteaks and I’m definitely going to be grabbing one on Sunday!

Fitz:  Flatz Food Truck. They have this Kung Pao Chicken sandwich that is killer

T-Git: My favorite truck is by far Dank Burrito, their tacos are amazing. Never had the burrito. Probably going to try that. Disappointed Cousins Maine Lobsters isn’t on the list. Last year I waited an hour and a half for some lobster rols. Worth the wait (just not the price).

JP: I’ve never had Dank Burrito, but they’ve reeled me in with their name. Pho Nominal Dumplings is pretty well known so that’s always worth a visit.

David Beckham finally got his land for the stadium even though it doesn’t impact the spot we’re competing for, it has us wondering: Whats been the hold up in announcements from NCFC? Stadium plans have got to be coming out any day now right?

Fitz: We’ve had no reason to doubt Steve Malik to this point so I’m going to continue to wait for some big news to roll out. I will say I thought we would have more information to help build excitement/spread the word for both clubs. Also, I’m not a team owner so I’m going to just stand over here and eat my Kung Pao sandwich.

Moneybags:  I don’t think Malik is going for one of those first two expansion spots, instead opting for the later ones.  I imagine some of the desired sites’ challenges still haven’t flushed out- it would be foolish to present a plan on a site that is not 100% a lock for soccer potential

Jet: My hypothesis? They’ll probably announce it at the food truck rodeo on Sunday.

JP: I think you have to go with the “no news is good news” side of this, but it is starting to get a little worrisome. There have been a lot of the expansion teams that have been dealt blows in the past couple of months, but nothing from NCFC. I’m with Jet, announce something at the food truck rodeo, Steve.


Did y’all see get Kesha get denied by Jerry Seinfeld?

JP: That was tough to watch. Along with being an anti-dentite, Jerry appears to be a non-hugger.

T-Git: Is that the girl who sings Tik Tok?

Moneybags: I didn’t, but Jerry has never been a real touchy feely guy.  Plus Ke$ha always looked dirty in the days she was famous, probably even grungier now.

Jet: I have to admit, I probably wouldn’t recognize Kesha either.  (Sorry Kesha if you’re reading this!)

Fitz: That was cold blooded. I was a big Kesha fan in the 2010-2013 range. I think there’s more to this…they prolly had a one night fling and Jerry is just trying to shut it down hard! On the flip side, maybe this is the spark she needs for her comeback