JP’s Prematch Report (6/3/2017)

Photo Courtesy of @NorthCarolinaFC

North Carolina FC vs New York Cosmos — 4:00 PM EST Sunday June 4, 2017

Hey guys, I’m back.


I hope everyone’s Memorial Day weekend was great, and I’d like to thank Fitz once again for filling in for me. I will not, however, endorse your Die Hard Rankings. I mean how do you not rank Die Hard as the best film of the series?? Die Hard With A Vengeance is a pretty ridiculous film and we all know it. Jake Peralta would be ashamed of you.

Anyways…NCFC soccer. The less said about the Jacksonville game the better. It’s obvious that the entire team was affected by the heat and some sort of other mental fatigue. It happens. Jacksonville sucks. Let’s move on.

Let’s talk about that win against Charlotte on Wednesday. It was a perfect JP game: James Marcelin scored the first, Nazmi with the next two (including an amazing chip followed by a classy beer shower from the Charlotte fans), then left back (!) Turbo bending one in from outside the box then celebrating with a Robot! Austin da Luz also got in the mix with some assists. If Debinha somehow got involved it might have been one of my favorite matches of all time. Next up for NCFC in Cup play is the Houston Dynamo of MLS.

Next match is against the NY Cosmos, which I was pretty sure didn’t exist any more. After further review, they do, but it seems like they have some issues with their front office and their supporters – which is never a good sign. They lost pretty early in the US Open Cup, and most recently tied with the boys from San Fran. They are currently one point behind NCFC in the NASL standings.

Players To Watch:

Andrés Flores, NY Cosmos : Mr. Flores has scored three and assisted four in the past couple games against NCFC. Should probably watch out for that dude.

Connor “Turbo” Tobin, NCFC: The normally central defender filled in as left back last match against Charlotte and scored a beauty. Granted, the Independence sucked. But either way, that his to give Turbo some confidence and momentum going into Sunday’s match.

Predicted Outcome: 1-0 NCFC


Song of the Week


Question of the Week

As you can tell, this week’s report is a little short due to my traveling and some of the dudes vacationing. As a result, I’m going to put the Question of the Week on hold so I can comb through and find one worth expanding on. Until then, everyone needs to catch up on Twin Peaks.

(Photo: Suzanne Tenner/Showtime)


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