JP’s Errr Fitz’s Prematch Report (5/26/17)

Cover Photo Credit: Rob Kinnan-NCFC

JP is enjoying the Memorial Day weekend and has asked me to provide this weeks soccer preview. I can’t replace his comprehensive reports, but I’ve been described as a poor man’s JP when it comes to blogging.

North Carolina FC Travels to Jacksonville– Sunday ,  5/28/17– 4 PM

NCFC is coming off an electric win against the FIghtin Carmelos in Puerto Rico on Saturday night. Billy ‘Dynamite’ Schuler buried one in stoppage time to get the victory 2-1 and move the club into second place in the table. Let’s look at Billy Dynamite’s goal one more time:

This weekend NCFC travels down to Jacksonville to play the Nissan Armadas. The Armadas are sitting just one point behind and are coming off a solid win over the San Francisco Deltas 3-0. Whether or not you believe Jacksonville is real is irelevant at this point because they are playing well and we need to keep the momentum going. Below are the keys to the game:

Come Out Aggressive In The First Half

  • The first half in Puerto Rico was sloppy and if it was against a better team we probably would have been down 2-0. The team needs to come out firing and get on the board first. It’s tough to stop a train when it’s rolling downhill.

Let Lance Laing and Matt Fondy do Laing and Fondy Things

  • This isn’t difficult when you have someone like Nazmi Albadawi being the facilitator. The offensive firepower this team has is unreal and it seems to be operating at a high level.

Shutdown Set Pieces On The Defensive End

  • This has been the Achilles heel of this team. Prevent mistakes here and Jacksonville shouldn’t be a problem.

Players To Watch:

Billy Dynamite : Billy is red hot. Does Coach Clarke keep him on the bench to be the teams spark plug or do you play him the whole game? Who know. He just needs to play.

Nazmi Albadawi: Nazmi is due for a goal and I think this may be the game.

Zach Steinberger: The Nissan Armada midfielder is coming of player of the week and scored twice against the San Francisco Changes. I have a feeling Connor Tobin and Steven Miller will shut him down

Predicted Outcome: NCFC takes it 2-1


NC Courage vs Chicago Red Stars– Saturday, 5/27/17– 4 PM

After coming off two straight losses the Courage bounced back on Wednesday night to trounce second place Sky Blue FC 2-1 and remain in first place. The Courage seemed to right the ship and minimize the defensive miscues that plagued them in the previous two matches. One way to prevent a team from scoring is to prevent them from shooting the ball. The Courage accomplished this very nicely by taking a 21-2 shot advantage over Sky Blue. Also, the refs weren’t making terrible calls (cough…Christen Press call…cough).

This weekend the Courage will travel to Chicago to get revenge on the Chicago Red Stars.  Last weekend, Chicago rolled into town and took  a 3-1 victory. However, I believe there are a few differences that will prevent Chicago from taking a victory from our first place Courage:

Debinha, Lynn Williams, Jessica McDonald

  • They keep the level of aggressiveness at 10. They are constantly putting pressure on the opposing team and are really fun to watch. Check out Lynn’s goal from Wednesday:

Abby Erceg

  • The Courage looked a lot more focused on the defensive side of the ball against Sky Blue than they did the last ~1.5 matches. The difference? Captain and big time defender Abby Erceg. Chicago got a few lucky bounces last weekend but don’t expect the same with Erceg in the back.

Predicted Outcome: 3-1 Courage


Song Of The Week: Legacy by Nicky Romero

We got some big games this weekend that require pump up music.



Beer Of The Week: Natural Light

JP has way more class than I do, which is why he picks nice beers for his weekly piece. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a nice little craft beer to unwind or enjoy the company of others. However, if you talking about jet fuel for partying  with a purpose over this Memorial Day then look no further. People think you outgrow cheap beer, but that’s BS. Hop in a time machine this weekend and go party with your 20 year old self.

Question Of The Week:

I’ve been debating with my buddy on how to rank the ‘Die Hard’ series. Thoughts? – Jared From G-wood South

You’ve come to the right place. Until ten years ago I would have argued with you that Die Hard is the best trilogy in modern American cinema. But that argument died when Live Free Or Die Hard came out. Here they are:

5.  A Good Day To Die Hard (AKA Die Hard 5)

I saw this is in theater. It was entertaining, but you could tell it had lost its way

4. Die Hard 2: Die Harder

This is a really good movie, so I think it speaks to the quality of this series. I just don’t like the bad military guy from  Coming To America…I think his name is Mr. McDowell in that one.

3. Live Free Or Die Hard

I don’t care what anyone says…I really enjoyed this one. Timothy Olyphant is a badass. Also, it’s like a modern day twist to Die Hard With A Vengence

2. Die Hard

This movie is excellent. Bruce Willis is so young in this movie. Oh…and it’s not a Christmas movie.

  1. Die Hard With A Vengence

Loved this movie as a kid. Loved that it was a scavenger hunt and loved that liquid mixing bomb. Also, it was solid trickery with the gold heist! This is why not all sequels are a bad thing.