Minting Money With Moneybags (5/25/17)

I hope y’all are taking notice. I went 3-0 last week and since my return I’ve gone 8-4. If you bet the same on every bet then you’d have yourself a 30+% return in just one month!  Do I have too much confidence right now? Yea, I probably do. Should I be more modest? Yea, I’m probably flying too close to the sun but my confidence is working and I’m here to help get you some earnings!

***Disclaimer: Raleigh City Sports and it numerous affiliates are providing advice and are not licensed bet advisers. You can lose money following our advice and that’s not our responsibility. However, if you do win a bet  we recommend donating $1 to Playing For Pride.  Also, check out our podcast on iTunes orSoundCloud. New episode “drops” this Friday****

Pittsburgh Penguins (ML -200) vs Ottawa Senators- Thursday 8:00 PM ET

Odds aren’t great but I don’t see how the Penguins lose at home in game 7. Profit is profit and as long as it stay under -250, I’ll bet the sure thing.

Cleveland (-10 pt, -110) At Boston- Thursday 8:30 PM ET

Problem with this bet is you’ll be rooting for a blowout, but I don’t see how it’s any different than any other time you make a wager. This is a win. LeBron wants to get some rest and get to the finals. Lets Go!


Arsenal (ML +380) vs Chelsea- Saturday 12:30 ET

This is where you’ll make your money. The FA Cup final will be a good one. I can’t forget that Arsenal won us money last week. Do I switch before they let me down? Nah. We’re loyal guys and I’ll ride this Arsenal train one more week. Also, love the payout!

Happy Wagering!