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Staff Thoughts: Jacksonville, Avril, Alamo Drafthouse

Big news over the weekend was the theory that Avril Lavigne has been dead since 2003 but her body double has been acting as her since. Do you buy it?

Mike:  Of course I buy it. These are real– I mean we all know Bush did 9/11!!! But for realz, looks like she just got better makeup.

JP: This is way better than the “Paul Is Dead” rumor. I hope Avril never dies, I’m a sk8r boi.

Fitz: I like conspiracy theories but I don’t see it! This would mean Avril’s family was in on it! Also, no way Nickleback’s Chad Kroeger and Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley would marry a fake Avril Lavigne. I’m out on it.

JFK: I don’t buy it, as I don’t buy any of these “body double” conspiracy theories. The only time a body double worked was in the movie Dave. Great film by the way — one of Kevin Kline’s finest.

We’re sort of new to the whole NASL deal but are Jacksonville fans the worst? Seems like they like to be less than mediocre at trolling. They whined to us, Oak City Supporters even instagram account @ncfc_fans . The game was days ago. What do you think the reason is? Other than living in Jacksonville.

Mike: I can’t blame them A) It’s the internet. B) I mean we shit on cities all the time

Fitz: Jacksonville must really suck to feel the need to troll at 1 AM on a Monday morning. The “insults” were pretty lame, at least make me laugh. I also heard they stole magnets and put their stickers up. PRANK WARS… and theft.

JFK: I didn’t think anyone could be worse than Tampa Bay fans, but in NASL these JAX guys take the cake. But I get why they have a chip on their shoulder. Every experience I’ve had in Jacksonville has been extremely unpleasant, including a 10-day stay while I was in flight school. Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport is a total dump, as was the school-owned apartment I was forced to live in that had no cable or internet. It did have running water. Fortunately, there was a Ted’s Montana Grill nearby where I could drown my misery in bison burgers and root beer floats. Getting the all clear to leave for Hattiesburg, Mississippi and never return was like a gift from heaven.

New movie house coming to Raleigh . Seems like a pretty cool concept. Thoughts?

Courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Fitz: It says its interactive. So hopefully they’ll let me discuss why Chet ‘Rocket’ Steadman (Gary Busey) from Rookie Of Year was never fully appreciated.

Mike:  Gentrification is real, y’all. Should be really good for that part of town. I’m excited to go check it and and enjoy. But I will note that Mission Valley has been selling burrrs since I’ve been here. Shoutout Mission valley

JP: The Alamo Drafthouse is a great chain and Raleigh is super lucky to be getting one. Not only do they show current releases, they have special events and retro features. For instance, on Tuesday they screened the excellent LOGAN in black and white followed by a livestream Q&A with the director and Hugh Jackman. Reserved seating is absolutely amazing too.

JFK: I’m a big fan of this whole cine-bistro movement, so I welcome this concept. The Raleigh Grande’s reserved seating and recliners have brought me back to the movies again. Can’t wait to try this place. For the Moore County folks, compare this to the Carmike Cinema 4!