HURRICANES Outside Raleigh

Staff Thoughts: Shaq, Hopscotch, Canes Memories, and Picking Horses

Cover Photo Credit: Carolina Hurricanes

Shaq says he wants to run for Sheriff. He didn’t say where, but he did say he will run in 2020. Would you vote for Shaq?

JP: I love hearing any news about Shaq because it always reminds me to go watch this video (RIP Stu):

Fitz: Not to get political, but yea. Why not?

T-Git: I’d vote for him just to say I did, but he needs to stay on Inside the NBA on TNT. That is great TV right there. It’s pure entertainment, you don’t even need to like basketball.

Mike:  I thought Shaq was already a sheriff in any city he played in? Anyway, you damn straight i’m voting for the Big Aristotle. He’s a just man.

Headliners for Hopscotch are: Solange, Big Boi, and Future Islands. Impressed?

Fitz: Solange beat up Jay-Z right? Big Boi is legit. Not as familiar with Future Islands, but I’m not very hip. Good job Raleigh.

JP: Very impressed. I’m a big Future Islands fan in general, but they are so so great live. Here is the best example from where they blew David Letterman’s mind :

Letterman’s reaction at the end never ceases to make me happy. Plus, they are NC guys.

T-Git : Never heard of Hopscotch, but the fact that they have Solange and Big Boi sounds like it’ll be a good ole party.

Mike: Very impressed. Big Boi and I go back to Aquemini. Future Islands is great and I honestly didn’t know they were from NC. Solange? Sure.

The Hurricanes have been in North Carolina for 20 years. What’s you favorite favorite non-2006 moment?

JP: My favorite Canes moment was when Mike got hammered at their game for Fitz’s birthday a couple of years ago. He put his wallet in his jacket pocket, forgot about it, then proceeded to yell about how he lost his wallet for the next hour.

Fitz: 2002 Eastern Conference Finals. Teenage Fitz and JFK witnessed scantily clad Maples Leafs ladies dancing in the center of a Maple Leaf made out of beer cans.

T-Git: My favorite memory is actually from the 2002 season in which the Hurricanes lost to the Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals. What I remember most is the triple-ot thriller (Game 3) in which the Hurricanes actually ended up losing. It was exciting because that was one of the most intense hockey games I can remember watching.

Mike:  Seeing them beat Boston in Boston to go the Eastern Conference Finals in ’09. I think it was in OT too…can’t remember, but it was great. Also, I’m going to have to sadly verify JP’s story.

We did terrible at picking the ponies this week. How can we improve for all our readers before the Preakness in 10 days?

Fitz: I’ve already started. I’m taking vacation and hanging out at the closest off-track betting . I’ve met an old track hound named Eugene who has taken me under his wing to be able to provide Raleigh only the best horse betting tips.

T-Git:  Go with your gut. Right off the bat I thought Always Dreaming was the coolest name but went with the favorite. Wasn’t that far off but ended up picking a dud.

JP: Did you guys see my pick, THUNDER SNOW? He didn’t even make it 20 feet out of the gate before wimping out. He really let his name down. I guess I need to go for more lame names in the future. Smarty Jones is a dumb name but he totally ruled. Go for the lame names, readers.

Mike:  We can’t improve. When you’re dumb, you’re dumb.