Tuesday Takes (5/9/17)

Cover Photo Credit: Hobby Horse Revolution

North Carolina Football Club Goes 1-1 On The Weekend 

Credit: Rob Kinnan-NCFC

The men fell by giving up the winner in the 86th minute to the San Francisco Deltas (Changes) 2-1. It seemed a draw was almost a sure thing as Billy Schuler scored in the 85th minute, but the damn Changes came back and scored on a set piece a minute later. Even though the outcome was less than desirable, it was a great time out at Sahlen’s Stadium. We got some solid observations on the Deltas but you’ll have to tune into this weeks podcast (Posts Friday Morning).

The Courage continue to win. My takes on that one are here.

This week both teams will battle against teams from Florida, with the men facing off at home against Jacksonville and the women traveling to Orlando (our most bitter rival). I could sit here and bash Florida for a few paragraphs (it’s okay half my family lives there) but I don’t think I can add anything more than what’s already been said throughout history.

Hobby Horse Competitions Are Real Thing

I saw a video  the other day of these “hobby horse” competitions. Hobby horse? I thought that was just a phrase, not a broom with a toy horse head attached to the end. I apologize if this has made the rounds but I can’t believe that this is a thing. I get it though, riding a horse is terrifying. It’s like riding a big mean dog that you have only 60% control of their movement, so I understand wanting to live that horse life but on a safe level.

There are legit tournaments in Europe for this hobby horsing around. Listen, I’m not going to knock anyone’s passion and I respect people’s willingness to compete no matter what the medium. I guess I really just want to know how this got started and how they convinced other people to compete in these horse games? There are a ton of video’s out there so def check it out.

Canes Acquire a Goaltender And The Boys Are Shinning Abroad

GM Ron Francis stuck his neck out by trading for goaltender Scott Darling’s rights with no guarantees, but it all paid off as Darling signed a four year at $4.15 MM per. This is the deal that needed to be made and I can’t wait for October, but the real questions is whether we keep Eddie Lack or Cam Ward? I side with Ward because we all have a little soft spot for Wardo. Also, Id rather see if Lack can try and reach his full potential with another team.

The World Championships started last week and the Hurricanes that are playing are on FIRE! As mentioned before, the Canes have seven players representing their countries in the tournament. As of Monday night, Jeff Skinner has 7 pts (3 goals, 4 assists), Elias Lindholm has 3 goals, and Victor Rask has 4 points (1 goal, 3 assists). It’s great to see these guys pick up where they left off at the end of the season and for Rask to start to piece it back together. The beginning of the season is a long ways away but it’s good to see these guys get ice time in now. We all know how hard it is to get ice time at the Ice Plex this time of year.

National Stuff

Caps Force A Game Seven:  A little surprised the Penguins couldn’t close it out after going up 2-0. Note to the Canes for next year: all you got to do is rough up Crosby and the rest will fall. Going to be a great game seven. I hope they both lose.

 Ryan Howard Cut From AAA: Man, I remember watching him tear the cover off the ball with my college roommate Tripp from Philly. It seems like yesterday, until I found out he is 37 years old. He had a good run.