Match Recap: Courage Break Boston

That’s a headline that would make Darren Rovell proud.  The North Carolina Courage traveled to Boston on Sunday evening to show Boston how it feels to be unsuccessful at a sport. Coming into the game the Boston Breakers were tied for second in the table, but were knocked down to fifth after the Courage dropped them 1-0. The Courage were led by a Jessica McDonald goal and  Sabrina “I’m Gonna Shut You Out” D’Angelo, who recorded her third clean sheet of the season.

In the first half, Jessica McDonald’s goal put the Courage up 1-0 and made her the all-time leading scorer in NWSL history. Other scoring opportunities came along in the second half. In the 68th minute, Debinha had a nice opportunity but looked like she couldn’t get under the ball to bury it in the net. My initial thought is the artificial turf made her that much faster, thus making it difficult to line up the shot.  Then in the 72nd minute, Lynn Williams was able to bend the ball but it was swallowed up by Boston’s keeper. D’Angelo and the Courage’s defense continue to be suffocating. It makes me wonder what they’re saying to their opponents to get in their heads. I’m thinking they sing ‘We Ready

Courageous Rating: 8 (out of 10)

A win gets you five no matter what, but did you see the sun in that game? The sun was intense and I was just watching it on go90, so I bet the players were having a harder time battling the sun than the Breakers. Also, they were playing on artificial turf which made it look like the ball was getting some mad spin.

Bad Look Boston: I know the Courage logo is tops in the league, but come on Boston you can do better than this sorry logo. It looks like they’re a challenge team out of Virginia Beach.


Goal Of Game: Not too difficult…Jessica McDonald. Shot out to Abby Dahlkemper for the nice corner.

What’s Next?

The Courage sit on top of the table with 12 pts (4-0) and look to further distance themselves from the pack when they travel to our arch-nemesis Orlando on Sunday at 5:00 PM!  Remember, Orlando is not a magical place and they are not our friends. Our initial polling say Sabrina and Jess are the front runners for the Raleigh City Sports Player of The Month trophy. Look it up, its a real thing!