NC STATE NCFC Outside Raleigh

Staff Thoughts: Crosby, Bass Pro Shops, State & NCFC

Here’s to hoping the second half of the week moves by a lot quicker than the first half. The week has been slow in terms of news, but I heard St Pete just got approval to expand their stadium if they get a MLS bid. It’s still Tampa, so we’re not worried.

Looks like some teens did some can openers in the fish tank at a Bass Pro Shop. What score would you give the can opener (0:44 mark)?

Jet: Excellent extension by the first jumper. I’d give him an 8 for that and the creativity by doing it in a fish tank. He’ll have to do it at the Cary location if he wants a 10. The other 3 jumpers were rookies, they’ll get better with practice.  As for the old guys interviewed by the news team, come on.. We’ve all done some pretty stupid stuff, let it go.

Fitz: I give it a 6 and mainly because of the originality of the location. Could’ve for sure tightened up the leg…a little sloppy.

Mike: I’ve attended a few can opener seminars hosted by my friend Mike (differnet guy…he’s 6’1″) and I was taught to keep it tight and lean back. These kids were worried about the getaway instead of focusing on proper execution.

North Carolina FC is climbing up the table and the San Francisco Changes (Deltas) are coming into town. What is the outcome of the game and who will be player of the match?

RCS Man of Match Trophy

Jet:  NCFC rocks the home crowd and pulls out a tough 1-0 win as Bryan Sylvestre gets his first home clean sheet of the season and by default earns the coveted RCS Player of the Match award.

Fitz: I think we get three points. I also think Mike will get a little too rowdy in the north end. RCS Man of the Match is Tiyi Shipalane.

Mike: I only get rowdy when I feel the squad is being threatened! This will be a GREAT matchup…I think we’ll take this one. Man of the Match is…James Marcelin

Was Capitals defenseman Matt Niskanen concussion inducing hit on Sydney Crosby on purpose?

Fitz: Not on purpose. He kind of just put his arms up….didn’t extend. But you know the Pittsburgh media has to be up in arms about this…No one hurts Syd or Geno!

Jet: No! I’m sick of this replay stuff. You just can’t tell a players intentions by slow-mo replay. Its the same problem in football too. These are some of the best athletes in the world, and add skates, they are moving even faster. Its not fair to punish a player for a high speed, bang-bang play in a contact sport.  Injuries happen, maybe Crosby won’t be so reckless next time?

Mike: Tough break for Penguins, but good break for the Caps. Not on purpose. Seems feelings are getting soft, go back and watch some Philadelphia Phantoms games…now those were hits with reckless abandon!

Pack Pride posted a tweet from Fox Sports having NC State ranked 24th in the country and first in the state. Bad news is three other Atlantic division teams are ranked ahead of the Wolfpack. Will NC State be ranked in football at the end of the season?

Jet:  Honestly, I’m a big State fan, so I say of course!  But it all depends on that dang kicker.. Well its more than just the kicker, but we gotta point the finger at someone.

Fitz: Believe it or not…I think yes! They’ll struggle and then get it back together by going 2-1 against FSU, Clemson, and Lousiville. Expectations will never be higher and then 2018 will happen (hint: won’t be good).

Mike: No. They’ll pull off some big wins, but then lose to the teams they’re supposed to beat. We got to stop losing to Boston College. They have our number….in everything!