Tuesday Takes (5/2/17)

Whew! What a weekend! Raleigh really killed it in the sports world over the last few days. Also, I beat Jet in NBA Jam and we continue to confirm Boxcar on a Sunday is a dangerous place. Don’t worry, we’ll forget just in time to repeat it again this Sunday. Alright lets get into it.

Six Point Weekend

The NC Courage and North Carolina FC picked up wins this weekend. I like the way these soccer teams operate. They could have spread these six point weekends throughout the year, but they’re making sure we set our expectations high!


The boys went down to Puerto Rico on a business trip and took down the Fightin Carmelo Anthony’s 1-0. Weavin Steven Miller headed a ball into the net for the only score of the game. The goal call is great, the announcer is clearly winded but refuses to give up on his terrible call. RESPECT from one stubborn guy to another. Game this Saturday…be there!

  NC Courage

This was a big match-up with the Orlando Pride coming into town and was tied 1-1 in the first half. However, the Courage turned it up and won 3-1. Our whole plan was to say our pump up video was the difference, but I don’t think it was needed. This team is focused and they don’t need some sub par production value video to get them ready. Goal of the game was Lynn William’s nasty goal to make it 3-1. The Courage still sit atop the table as they head to Boston for a Sunday evening match.

Scott Darling Procurement

The Hurricanes took a step in the right direction by obtaining the exclusive rights to former Blackhawks backup goalie, Scott Darling. The Canes gave up a third round pick and still run the risk of having him walk once free agency begins July 1. However, I like the aggressiveness of GM Ron Francis. He said they were going to address goaltending and they are doing it. This is what you want to see from a front office.

I saw some tweets of “real” journalists rolling their eyes and saying this isn’t really an upgrade and is not going to solve the issue. Well it can’t hurt, so chill out. I’m pretty pumped. Hopefully the constant wheeling and dealing with the Blackhawks will starts to rub off. Heck, I’ll take a first round loss by way of sweep if it means we’re in the playoffs. So Scott, quasi welcome to Raleigh! Sign the contract, it’s a decision you will not regret.

National Stuff

NFL Draft: AKA-A bunch of second guessing  of decisions we won’t fully understand for 8-24 months. Big props to the Bears for taking the heat off my Browns as the stupid team. Won’t last long Cleveland, so enjoy it!

Playoffs Grinding Away: I prefer the NHL over the NBA due to the predictability of when the games will be played. I never know when the next NBA game is gonna be played. Is it two days, four days? I don’t know!

Salt Lake City Is Not LA: Yea, we know. Way to go ESPN, trying to create a rivalry between two cities! Who does that?