Minting Money With Moneybags

I’ve been laying low for awhile because my betting has cooled off. But like Julie “The Cat” Gaffney, I never gave up and now I’m here to show the world I can bet. Below are my three picks for the week. If you want any more advice just send me a tweet @MoneybagsSmythe

North Carolina FC: Moneyline +230 – Saturday 7:30 PM

Easy money. I’m gonna call up Fitz and tell him to put the RCS coffers on the men of Sahlen’s Stadium. Then with our winnings, we’ll buy Boxcar and never stop playing air hockey.

Washington Wizards : Moneyline +130 – Friday 7:30 PM

Is John Wall from Raleigh? Yes. Does Raleigh ever really lose? Well, technically, not in our minds. Take John Wall and the Bullets and take your special someone out for the night.

Washington Capitals: Moneyline – Saturday

The odds haven’t been posted yet, but it you think the Caps are going down 0-2 to the Penguins then you will lose money. We’re more pro Penguins in this round, but we’re also pro money.

Good luck bettors. Enjoy the weekend!