Wednesday Burning Thoughts

Carolina Hurricanes season has been over for quite some time but we haven’t talked too much about what we’d like to see next year. What changes would you like to see made in the offseason?

Fitz: I want to see big, sexy scoring! No more DJ scratching it up during the game. Also, I want some answers! As @TweetsFromSeth brought up, what happened to those sweet PNC renovations released almost two years ago?

Mike: More Storm Squad.

Moneybags: Not much of a hockey guy, but did enjoy following the Canes late run.  Just do that all season and maybe next year you can knock Caps out in first round.

Haven’t seen much in the local media, but how about the Carolina Hurricanes ECHL affliliate, Florida Everblades, straight up brawling with the Orlando Solar Bears? Kind of like seven degrees of Kevin Bacon in how it can help with the Courage vs Orlando Pride rivalry we deserve?

Fitz: First off, good job by Canes goalie prospect Alex Nedejikovic for getting in on some of the action! Secondly, I don’t see how this can hurt the budding Raleigh-Orlando Rivalry Presented By Raleigh City Sports. I’m very positive all the players and fans in both cities have made this connection and Saturday night’s game will be crazy.

Moneybags: That was a great fight- glad the refs can take an errant punch or two.  What the hell is a Solar Bear?  I think it will get chippy during this weekend’s Courage/Pride matchup.

Mike: I’m with moneybags, what hell is a Solar Bear? This definitely feeds the Courage/Pride rivalry. I’ve heard the ladies are already chirping at each other.

Soccer stadium buzz is back with John Kane endorsing the idea of a downtown soccer stadium during the State Of Downtown on Tuesday. Also, by existing Wake Med Soccer Park, it was announced a South Carolina (haha) developer would build a North Hills-esque development in Cary. Do we need to worry about this new development making current location more attractive or is this just our paranoia of not getting a downtown stadium?

Fitz: Probably paranoia. Listen, this addition will be great for Cary. That being said, a downtown stadium is great for both Courage and NCFC. However, the MLS probably won’t come if a stadium isn’t downtown. Worse case scenario is MLS doesn’t come and now there is a cool place to hang out before games at Sahlen’s Stadium. I’d be okay with that scenario.

Mike: I think we all know that the RCS group is 100% behind a downtown stadium, mainly because it gives us the best opportunity at getting an MLS spot. Would I be forever mad if they decided to stay in Cary, by a new “North Hills esque” community? No. All we’re saying is that being close to a Wegman’s is not replacement for being downtown.

Moneybags: The renderings/video looks good but cannot be achieved without at least some residential development.  To my knowledge, there is currently a moratorium in Cary on apartment development.  As a betting man, I predict that the zoning process will drag on for at least two more years, and the site won’t break ground until 2020 or later.  I think rather than worrying about the attraction in Cary, Raleigh downtown should just continue to urbanize and make a stand-alone case for best location for a stadium.  It doesn’t hurt the MLS expansion to allow the suburbs to get some new hip locations!

MLB is struggling to keep people watching and now it’s being proposed to allow games to end in a tie after 12 innings. This has caused some stir amongst the purests. Why are we so against ties in a regular season for a sport with 162 games?

Moneybags: I agree that extra innings can be waaaaay too long, but think there are much better solutions than ending tied after 12….maybe decide the game with a 1-on-1 home run derby, picked from any player on your team.  7M people watch the home-run derby every year, easily the MLB’s highest rated event during regular season, so I think this would be a popular decider….and would drive the WAR way up on a select few sluggers.

Mike: “Because it’s like kissing your sister!!!” First off, gross. Second, I don’t think Americans are against ties. For me, this particular game has been played the same way for 130 some odd years. Why change it?

Fitz: I get the annoyance with ties but is it the worst thing in the world? It’ll help the pitching staffs for sure. But what percentage of games go past 12 innings? The better idea is to play it like the video game The Bigs.