RCS Staff Thoughts

We’re pretty sure we’ve covered all the questions that are burning inside of your brains. Also, we dropped a little knowledge on ya.

It’s Gabriel Farfan Awareness Week here at Raleigh City Sports and we want to make sure everybody is aware he was suspended for unsportsmanlike conduct for actions during the last Miami and NCFC match. So we asked the staff on what they think the general public should know about Mr. Farfan before NCFC travels down to Miami.

JP: There are three rules: (1) No bright light, (2) Don’t get him wet, and (3) Never feed him after midnight, no matter how much he begs. Bright lights hurt him, and sunlight can kill him. (AKA the rules for Gremlins)

Fitz: Don’t look directly into his eyes. I saw him stare down Mike during the first game in the north end. Mike put a scare in him, but I can see Mr. Farfan creating issues with lesser men.

Mike: Mean people with sharp elbows are a real threat to public safety and need to be stopped

Jet: If he pulls anything like that again, we’ll sick the whole NCFC Fam on him!

ESPNU just aired the NCAA Bowling Championship between Nebraska and McKendree University. Of course McKendree won the national championship, but what obscure sport would you like the NCAA to air on television?

JP: Crossfire

Fitz: Darts. It gets pretty wild during competition in England, so I’d bet if you put some college kids in the background then it’ll get turned up to 10.

Jet: Fencing- I’m curious to see what the ideal athletes’ dimensions are for it, or what body type excels at it? How do you get into a sport like this? Who has the best team?

Mike: Badminton. I’m surprised I haven’t already seen it.

How many more Fast & The Furious movie can there be?

Fitz: How is it still going? JP and I saw Ludacris at the 2 Fast 2 Furious premiere in London… 14 years ago! Fast Five is my favorite though.

Jet: Fast Cars, Guns, and Explosions. The series is timeless.

Mike: I have a hard time even joking about these. Being that they’re not about street racing anymore. I imagine they could just go on forever.

JP: Fitz, I do remember seeing Ludacris that one time. But sadly, the last Fast and Furious movie I saw was the crown jewel of the series: Tokyo Drift. I think I ended on a high note.

The Hurricanes now have an opening at the trainer position. If you were interviewing  what would be your go to interview exercise?

Fitz: The spinning scorpion. Imagine the scorpion stretch but on a dolly. Teaches flexibility and increases dizziness tolerance.

JP: Downward facing dog- but on roller-blades to simulate how it would be on ice.

Mike: Russian Hammers. Also, if we’re serious about a trainer and winning..gotta throw money at Bob Baffert. Guy’s a winner.

Jet: Jumping jacks? Downward dog?- I probably wouldn’t get the job.

The Courage home opener is this Saturday. How are you getting ready?

Fitz: Testing my go90 app in as many places as possible. Got to go to some wedding.

JP: Maybe I should catch up on those other Fast and Furious movies?

Mike: Sahlen’s hot dogs. All day.

Jet: Talking with Verizon to make sure I can stream since I’m being forced to miss it for Jared From Glenwood South’s wedding.