Tuesday Takes

Back again. What a great weekend! Highly recommend hanging out at Whiskey Kitchen. Jet and I were there Friday afternoon and aside from the excellent selection of whiskey, they serve National Bohemian for $2 in a fancy glass.  Jet and I looked like kings!

Six Points Combined for North Carolina FC and NC Courage

First weekend of both teams playing and we get two wins? Yea, that’s pretty solid! Quick recap: Lance Laing makes it look easy, Nazmi stole a guys soul, and Fondy just keeps doing his thing. On the women’s side, the Courage dominated the Spirit 1-0 in Southern Maryland with a goal by McCall Zerboni. If it wasn’t for the Spirit’s Stephanie Labbe, then it could have easily been 4-0. I can get used to dominating the sports weekend. Thanks to Steve Malik for giving us nice things. The Canes haven’t treated us this well lately (But they will soon…hopefully).

NCAA Announces Tuesday If We’re Allowed To Have Championships Stay Over

On Tuesday the NCAA will announce championship sites for years 2019-2022. Lets just put politics and economics aside. One can’t but help be proud of Wake County for the 57 bids submitted for this span, with a little under half concentrated in Cary. Highlights are bids for both Men’s and Women’s College Cups and the first two rounds on the Men’s Basketball Tournament. However it unfolds, I’m proud that we make such efforts to bring great events to the area. I’ll admit I’ve passed on attending these events in the past but I won’t take them for granted anymore. Turn It Up Raleigh! Turn It Up Wake County!

Is Raleigh City Now Transfer/Leave City?

NC State had a few departures from the basketball (Maverick Rowan) and football (Thaddeus Moss and Pharaoh McIver) programs last week. Does NC State have a problem? Naaaahhhh. Rowan’s departure will hurt offensively but is great for the teams defensive improvement. On the football side of things, it’s just the downside of having too many good tight ends. Word on the street is a blogger from this site is entering grad school at State in the fall and has some eligibility left. Pros: Confident, Good at sitting, and Dad bod. Cons: Easily winded.

National Stuff: Do I Need To Worry About The Cavs?

Oh for sure. Cavs are struggling against the Pacers! The Pacers! (No disrespect to Raleigh’s Nate McMillan) Do I think they’ll win it all? I don’t know, things aren’t looking great now. Talk to me in a few weeks and I might be debating whether losing to the Warriors or to an Eastern Conference opponent is better.

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