RCS STAFF: It’s Courage Season

The Courage start their inaugural campaign on Saturday against the Washington (Southern Maryland) Spirit and we are pretty amped. Not only are they the defending NWSL champions but these ladies are at the top of their sport. No excuses for missing any home games! We surveyed some of the staff to see how they felt about the upcoming season.

What are you most looking forward to in the first year of NC having a NWSL team?

JET: I’m a huge women’s soccer fan. Sorry boys, but its a lot more fun watching USA kick ass in international play than barely qualify. These games are about to be lit!

MIKE: Having a world-class club in the Triangle. We’ve talked about it several times, but these are the best athletes in the world at their sport.

FITZ: I’m interested to see when they get on a roll how the excitement will play out in the area.

They’re the defending champs, will we settle for anything less than a ‘ship trophy?

JET: No, but if they go down I’d like to see some red cards. Make the other team earn it.

MIKE: No settling. This will be the only team in the Triangle, that I like, where I can have legitimate high expectations

FITZ: Not really. I like nice things and Steve Malik gave us a nice thing, so I’d like it to stay that way.

More of a comment: Courage logo destroys the rest of the teams logos. Fact


Which Courage player do you think will most likely agree to our newest segment: ‘Kickin It With Mike’? Basically, the player sits down with Mike and then just drills soccer balls with Mike in goal.

JET: Sabrina D’Angelo, because keepers are awesome. Oh, and let her punt it at him…Sorry, Mike.

MIKE: I think anyone of them would love to pepper me. They’ll quickly see that cat-like reflexes are no longer apart of my repertoire

FITZ: Sabrina D’Angelo…she’ll drill one right in Mike’s grill…great content

Which NWSL team do you want to be our rival?

JET: Definietly Maryland, I can’t stand Maryland.

MIKE: I’m going Orlando Pride. Mainly because of Marta.

FITZ: It’s a toss up between Orlando, Chicago, or Southern Maryland Spirit. I’m gonna go with Southern Maryland Spirit. Time to build the DMV rivalry through Canes and Courage

Wild Card- Speak your mind on the Courage.

JET: The Courage being back reminds me of the days when I chased Mia Hamm down for an autograph(still have it). Who’s the next Courage player to go HAMM?

MIKE: I’m pumped for soccer in the Triangle every weekend.

FITZ: Not really about the Courage, but I’m stoked for the three day weekend.

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