JP’s Pre-Match Report

North Carolina FC vs FC Edmonton – 7:30 PM EST Saturday April 15, 2017

After a very disappointing match against the San Francisco Changes and their fan base of 1,000, NCFC comes back home to face FC Edmonton. Edmonton is coming off of two straight 1-0 losses to the Jacksonville Armada. You have to love NASL’s scheduling.

NCFC went up early after Tiyi Shipalane pounced on a rebound in the box. Tom “I Should Have Been Sent Off In The First Half” Heinemann scored in stoppage time of the first half to level the scores. In the 82nd minute, Pablo Dyego cut back and sent a curler over Brian Sylvestre to give the Deltas a lead. Credit where credit is due: it was a great goal. When NCFC went searching for the equalizer, Heinemann capitalized and scored the third goal in the 90th minute to really twist the knife.

There’s not much for me to say about Edmonton other than Fitz telling me they have a good hockey team. They have the middle Ameobi brother and a guy who is apparently 2016 years old. 

And I’m also certain nobody has said, “Let’s go on a vacation to Edmonton!”

Players to watch

Albert Watson, Edmonton: For the second straight week, Watson has been named to NASL’s team of the week – even after losing to Jacksonville twice. The six-foot Northern Irishman will have his work cut out for him against NCFC’s front line. He seems like an intimidating dude, but the name Albert Watson doesn’t really strike fear into anyone’s hearts, does it?

Brian Sylvestre, NCFC:  I think this is a big week for the NCFC keeper. He earned the starting spot last season and went off with Nazmi to train with the Croatian side in the preseason. I’m not saying all four goals that NCFC has conceded are his fault, I just think that this will be a good chance to get the first of many clean sheets against a side that hasn’t scored yet.

Predicted Outcome: 1-0 NCFC

Last week I put the spotlight on Playing For Pride, the fundraiser started by Austin da Luz. This week I want to mention the Red and Blue Express – the official fan bus of NCFC. They pick up fans at four locations (two in downtown Raleigh, two in downtown Durham) and transport them to Wake Med before and after the match. Plus they serve free beer. It’s a great service and an easy way to go see the game and drink responsibly. Yours truly will be riding one this weekend.

North Carolina Courage at Washington Spirit – 7:30 PM EST Saturday April 15, 2017

The NWSL kicks off this weekend and the big matchup is Raleigh’s newest team facing off against a team they beat in the 2016 NWSL Championship (as the WNY Flash, but whatever).  The Courage are a young team, who look very strong in attack and a little weak on the defensive side. Either way, we are excited for their season to start and for another championship to come with them.


Song of the Week

I’m not going to go Patrick Bateman here and go through Huey Lewis’ discography, but for whatever reason this song keeps popping up on the radio recently. It’s an incredibly catchy tune, like most of his songs. I know everyone’s favorite is “The Power of Love”, but I will go to bat for “Stuck With You”  (which has an incredible music video).

Beer of the Week

I’m a big fan of Stella Artois, I’ll own up to it. The one thing that I really don’t like about it is when they serve you in one in that stupid chalice pictured above*. I know the chalice is supposed to enhance the flavors, etc – I just feel like a tool whenever I’m in public drinking out of one. I’ve gone out of my way to specifically ask bartenders to just pour a Stella into a regular pint glass because I don’t want to pretend that I’m the king of Belgium.

*Apparently Stella gives a donation to for every chalice that is bought so I feel a little bad. I still stand by my opinion that they are pointless.

Question of the Week

JP, which frisbee sport is better: ultimate or disc golf? – Luke


I once went on a bachelor party with a bunch of friends down to Charleston a couple of years ago. One of the guys set up a round of golf for everybody, but it started raining pretty hard that day and the excitement for it was waning. A couple of the guys there were big into disc golf and had their discs or whatever with them so we decided to play a round of disc golf instead.

There was one kid who told everyone all weekend that he recently had won a disc golf tournament in his hometown area, so he was leading the charge. Since he was the de facto “veteran” of the bunch, we let him throw/tee off first. He takes his time, surveys his trajectory,  and proceeds to throw the disc directly in a lake that was about 60 yards out of bounds to the right. As everyone (rightly) made fun of him, he complained that the discs weren’t his or regulation weight.

That’s a long way of saying that ultimate is better.


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Cover Photo Credit: Rob Kinnan-NCFC