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Who Should Canes Fans Root For In The Playoffs?

Another spring has arrived and once again the Carolina Hurricanes are sitting at home watching it all unfold. Like many I’ve placed my allocations on certain teams, but that’s rooting with the head and I want to be rooting with my  heart. Below we’ll go through a few teams and weigh the merits of Canes fans rooting for each. I think all playoff teams fall into four categories:

  1. Teams Who Are Are Out Of Cap Room And An Extended Playoff Run Could Stretch Cap Far Enough That Ron Francis Can Take Advantage Of (See Tuevo Teravainen)
  2. Teams That Contain Former Canes Players That We Care About
  3. Teams Who Suck And We Don’t Want to Succeed.
  4. Teams We Don’t Care Either Way

Columbus Blue Jackets

Screw Torts and the Blue Jackets. I don’t care if they’re playing against the Hawks from The Mighty Ducks, I want them to lose.

Chicago Blackhawks

This is one of those salary caps deals. If they play well enough to go deep in the playoffs then Chicago management thinks their window has been extended. Then they’ll have to make tough decisions on who to extend and who to move. The Canes and Blackhawks have plenty of history over the last two seasons of helping each other out in these situations. Would they do three in a row? Who knows.

Outside of us being able to take advantage of a team’s success, there is not much for Canes fans to root for in the Blackhawks.

Pittsburgh Penguins:

  • Worst Fans To Come Through The PNC? Check
  • Team Is Consistently a Contender? Check
  • Team’s GM set the Canes organization back three to four years? Check
  • They have Ron Hainsey? Check

This is a tough one. I don’t like this team, but I’d love to see Ron Hainsey make a deep run in the playoffs. The Ronster leaving Raleigh helped Noah Hanifin by elevating him away from scrub level playing partners, so we at least owe Ron some love. Combine Hainsey with Matt Cullen and I think they overcome the rest of the Steel City’s shortcomings.

I’d be alright if they repeat.

Washington Capitals

This has got to be the Caps year? Right? Not much to like about this team, especially since we should have a rivalry with them. Until that happens, the only positive on their roster is Justin Williams. However, Williams has three Stanley Cups so that makes it tougher to root for him over others former Raleigh guys. Also, if the Caps fall short this year then I think peak Caps are done. I bet the world would keep turning if this happens. I want the Caps to lose

Quick Rundown Of Other Teams:

Boston Bruins: Former Cane John-Michael Liles makes them likeable, but Boston doesn’t need any more championships.

Minnesota Wild:  I don’t have a problem with Eric Staal. I will have a problem with Eric Staal redemption pieces. Minnesota is out of the running.

Toronto Maple Leafs: Gotta lose. I can’t support a team who tanks one year and is in the playoffs the next. Also, they make me very jealous.

Ottawa Senators: I would say I have zero problem with this team, but then I remember they have Dion Phaneuf.

Edmonton Oilers: See Toronto Maple Leafs

The Rest Of The Field: I’m indifferent on you guys. Just don’t mess with The Ronster’s destiny.

So I guess I’m rooting for the Penguins. I’m not proud of this, but I will survive. I guess it comes down to if you would rather see the Penguins win again or let the Caps finally win one. I’ll choose the former and take the 10 to 1 that I allocated in January.


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