Tuesday Takes

Yea we took another three day weekend. Our apologies. We were busy donating money to ‘The People Who Pick Masters Golfers Better Than We Can’ fund.  Anyways, we’ll have plenty of content for the rest of the week, including a new podcast on Thursday. So lets get into this weeks topics.

Hurricanes Season Ends

That was a roller-coaster of a season, but we ended with one more point than last year! I’d say we’re in much better position going into the offseason this time around. I really enjoyed this team, just need to score more consistently and make sure the other team scores less. The biggest questions over the next few months are: Who’s going to be in goal next year and will the Canes finally let us become part of the Storm Squad Presented By Pepsi for a game? One more, which defenseman gets traded? #BickellBrave

NCFC Drop A Tough One To The Change

Tough loss out Californi-way. As JP mentioned last week, we definitely were the better dressed team on the field. Look good, play good. We’ll get a rematch on May 6th, so not too worried about this early season loss. Hey Google, just a thought, you can go ahead and stop calling them the Railhawks when searching for the schedule.

Maryland Still Bitter, Wants To Kill UNC

Maryland’s President came out saying he thinks UNC’s “alleged” violations deserve the death penalty. Listen, I’m no UNC fan but I find these comments absurd. To give the death penalty would imply college football and basketball have morals. Also, it’s Maryland. It’s like an ex-girlfriend talking a lot of crap after a breakup. Move it along’re drunk.

US, Canada, and Mexico Officially Submitting Bid for 2026 World Cup

Our soccer guys (JP and Mike) say this is a good thing and we’ll have a strong bid. I did a little research on my own and found the breakdown of games will be: USA-60, Canada- 10, Mexico-10. Further, the USA will host every game from Quarterfinals on. So pretty much the World Cup is in America. I guess with this many games being played then they’ll probably host one in Charlotte. Not a big fan of that, but I’ll put my differences aside for the sake of North Carolina. Hopefully, the Charlotte Independence can schedule a nice road trip as North Carolina FC’s farm club when the World Cup is in town.

Who Will Be the NBA MVP?

Just kidding, I don’t care. But I am annoyed with all the coverage it’s getting. When did individual awards become so important in team sports?