NCFC at SFD – JP’s Pre-Match Report

Welcome to the first NCFC pre-match report here at Raleigh City Sports. If you need to catch up, Ryan from Oak City Supporters gave us a brief introduction to the team and the expectations for the season. We hope you enjoy and come back for every week.

North Carolina FC at San Francisco Deltas – 10:00 PM EST. Saturday April 8, 2017

After a brutal two week hiatus, NCFC travels to San Francisco to play the Deltas for both teams’ second match of the season. The Deltas tied Indy Eleven in their first game of the season 1-1 while NCFC also tied Miami FC in their opener.

As many of you know, the Deltas are a new team in NASL this year. They also have one of the worst names I have ever seen for any professional sports team. Their owner claims that the name and logo represent change, which is super intimidating to say the least. Oh look, they ride cable cars to practice every day.

The t-shirt jerseys I wore playing recreational soccer when I was 7 are vastly superior than what the Deltas wear. They are made by Inaria and claim to be “[a] consesus favorite, having garnered 30% of all votes from an array of designs submitted to fans for approval to be included in the official inaugural kit.” 30%? What a landslide! Were the other designs just turtle necks with the sleeves cut off?

We should also mention that the game will not be broadcasted on a regular network like ESPN or WRAL, but instead will be on the Deltas’ Twitter page (@sfdeltas).  I audibly groan every time a professional lacrosse game live on Twitter pops up in the corner of my browser. But I guess it’s better than Facebook where Jefferson Farfan could get on and nuke the stream with endless angry emojis.

Players to watch:

Kyle Bekker, San Francisco: The 26-year-old Canadian international was NASL’s Player of the Week for the first week of action. Plus he made the list of potential Enemies of the City on the podcast. He got the Deltas’ first and only goal against Indy, and he has spent the past four seasons in MLS so there is quality there. He played at Boston College from 2009-2012 so some of the ACC guys on NCFC should know him already. I also hope Turbo teaches him a lesson for trying to pull off the short socks look that Turbo has mastered. 

Matt Fondy, NCFC: After scoring a delicious left-footed volley in the first game against Miami, Fondy will be looking to keep the momentum going in San Francisco. He is also from Foster City, CA which is not far from San Francisco so I would expect him to perform well on his home turf.

Predicted Outcome: 2-0 NCFC. Fondy with two goals, Nazmi with both assists.

Before we move on I would like to point out a cool thing that is being done by a NCFC player. Midfielder Austin da Luz started a fundraiser this week called Playing For Pride, which I think everyone should check out. I’m certainly impressed by his compassion and his willingness to do something meaningful for the community. You have our support.

Song of the Week

My brother and I went to go see Japandroids last month at Cat’s Cradle. While he is a huge fan, I’m sort of a novice when it comes to the band. I was pleasantly surprised when these two guys from Canada came on stage and went nuts for basically two hours straight. “Young Hearts Spark Fire” was the standout for me from the set.

Beer of the Week

Last year I went to Asheville for a couple of days and one day while I was there I went and checked out numerous breweries in the downtown area. I started around noon and mostly drank IPAs. By around 8:30 PM I was falling asleep at the bar. From then on I decided to search out beers that tasted great but also didn’t pack as much punch as an IPA. I first tried the Gose at Ponysaurus and liked it, so I decided to give Sierra Nevada’s version (named Otra Vez) a try when I saw it at the grocery store. It is not very sour, but is definitely crisp and you can taste the hints of grapefruit and cactus. I hate myself for typing that last sentence, but all I can say is that it is a great beer for this warm weather.

Question of the Week:

Surprisingly, we have had a couple questions sent to us since we started this blog. We also try to answer each email as quickly as possible, but I thought this would be a good space to answer any and all questions. Feel free to send them over each week to

Eric: After seeing all the hype on NCFC and the articles you guys did on their uniforms, I have decided to start supporting the team and I want to buy some merch. Should I get the shorts, jersey, and socks? What’s the standard for soccer?

I think that if you are older than 12-years-old, wearing a full uniform is super weird. Over in Europe, they have a term for it called Full Kit Wankers. I think it’s totally cool to wear a jersey around or to a match, or maybe wear some NCFC shorts when you are exercising or hanging out. I personally am having a hard time which player’s name I want on the back of my future NCFC jersey. Fondy? Nazmi? da Luz? I kind of want one that just says “Turbo”.

But yea, you definitely don’t want to be that guy wearing a Manchester City kit on rollerblades…

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