LIFESTYLE Outside Raleigh

Tuesday’s Takes

Alright, we’re back! We took a few days off to recharge the old batteries. Also, we bought into the Playoff Push for the Hurricanes and that was a rough weekend. Great job by the Canes this year! Can’t wait to see what we have in store this offseason. Now lets touch on some other sports stuff.

NHL Not Sending Players To The 2018 Olympics

I do think this sucks for the players and us fans. Tough to think of anything cooler then representing your country. In the end, a bunch of really rich dudes couldn’t agree on money. Maybe it’ll change, maybe it won’t. At least I can now devote more  time to curling and bobsledding. To be fair, USA Hockey would’ve botched the selection process anyway  (see 2016 World Cup Of Hockey) .

Georgetown Pulls An NC State

If you’re a NC State fan from 2006 then the Georgetown coaching search must seem very familiar. Georgetown struck out on all their choices and then settled on a former legend who lead them to a National Championship in the 1980’s. Good luck to Patrick Ewing, we just hope he coaches in his knee pads.

Brian Bickell Returns To Canes

Bickell will return to the NHL for first time since his multiple sclerosis diagnosis over five months ago. This is awesome, we look forward to seeing him at the arena on Thursday and Saturday.

MLB Opening Day (s)

Nothing better than opening day to officially signify spring. Aaannnddd it’s  over, now we can go back to watching other sports. I’m a lifelong Cleveland Indians fan and I’ve come up with a great strategy  to manage heartbreak/boredom: Check box scores after every game, but don’t start watching until August. I’m not a bad fan, I’m a smart fan.

National Championship Of College Basketball

That game took forever and was real ugly. Even Carolina’s celebration didn’t look great. However, congrats to Carolina and congrats to me for that 9 to 1 bet I made in January. Glad to have the trophy back in the ACC. Upside for State fans is that the 51 point loss was to the national champions. I already miss college basketball season, but not the officiating. Are we seeing peak UNC right now? Is this the beginning of the end for UNC basketball? Probably not, but maybe.

Good luck to Mike in his intramural championship tonight. Make us proud. Also, we have a limited T-Shirts for sale in M or L. $25 includes shipping. Send us DM’s on Twitter or Instagram or email: