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Raleigh City Sports Preview: Final Four

The final weekend of college basketball is here and we got you covered on the championship match-up, famous alumni, and which Raleigh athlete would be best at basketball.

Which alum from a Final Four school are you most excited to see on TV?

Jet: I’m gonna go with South Carolina’s entire drunk fan base and seeing how they perform in a non-football atmosphere.

Mike:  Legit: one of my heroes is John Stockton. The long shorts, the bad boy persona. He’s the total package.

Fitz: Oregon’s SupWitChuGirl. The makers of the breakout hit “I Love My Ducks (Return of the Quack)”. Listen and tell me you don’t want to go back to college in Eugene. I smell reunion tour!

JFK: I don’t think he actually went to South Carolina, but I want to see Hootie cry again.

Moneybags: Legarrett Blount- that guy knows how to turn it up a notch.



What is the best story line coming out of Phoenix this week?

JFK: South Carolina’s run has been pretty fun to watch. Could be most unlikely tourney run ever. Plus, Frank Martin is absolutely nuts. How can you not like him?

Mike:  It’ll probably be Roy refusing to call a timeout or Frank Martin transforming into the Hulk in public. Guy gets angry.

JP: I heard that Didier Drogba is going to sign for their soccer team, which is co-owned by Diplo and the dude who plays bass for Fall Out Boy.

Moneybags: Not much- I be there’s some people partying at ASU right now.

What National Championship match-up do you most want to see?

FITZ: Oregon vs Zags. I forgot how big a Oregon guy I was because of SupWitChuGirl. Back on that O bandwagon. Forget my UNC bet.

JP: I want UNC and Gonzaga to play, because I will win my office pool. This will show everyone how awesome I am and I will win a Chili’s gift card. Give me all the apps!

Mike: Zags vs. UNC. That’s the matchup we deserve.

JFK: Battle of the Carolina. I’m not a fan of Gonzaga and Oregon doesn’t get me excited.

JET: Gonzaga vs UNC. I’ve always like the Zags and South Carolina sucks. Oregon’s unis and court are hideous. Bring the title back to the State of NC.

Moneybags: Carolina representing in the southwest…but I’m betting the opposite.


If UNC wins, does Roy retire?

JP: I hope he doesn’t retire. Roy’s got a really great personality. He’s like the lovable grandad that is past the point of holding back what’s on his mind. But who also never calls timeouts

JET:  Hopefully

JFK: No, I think he’s going to coach another three years.

Mike:  I don’t care. I’m all about K2, Kevin Keatts

Fitz: Nah, what else would he do?


Which Raleigh athlete would be best at basketball?

JET: Jordan Staal- He’s the tallest of the Canes

Fitz: NCFC goalkeeper Brian Sylvestre. Dude is 6 ft 5 in and can jump.

JFK: Jeff Skinner is scrappy…I bet he’d play good D

JP: Connor “Turbo” Tobin. That guy is totally a badass

Mike: John Wall? Pistol Pete? You guys are idiots.