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State Perspective: Carolina Or Carolina?

Who will NC State fans root for if UNC and South Carolina face off in the national title game? We check in with some of our staff and one of our readers to see how they can sort this out.

Mike: Here’s how I play this game… I most definitely want South Carolina to win. Not because I like USC or care, but it would be akin to State winning a football national title. However, my game plan from here on out (rest of my life) is to always bet on UNC. If they win, fine. I make money. If lose, fine. It was worth it.

Jet: UNC. A South Carolina win doesn’t benefit NC State. If South Carolina wins, they would draw the talent away from the Triangle and hurt States recruiting efforts. Also, State would miss out on the money coming to the conference. The top talent already goes to UNC and recruits will forget about South Carolina’s run in two years if they lose.

Jared From Glenwood South: I hate both. Go Ducks or Zags.

Fitz: UNC. Did I mention I bet on them at 9 to 1 a few months back? UNC winning another championship isn’t going to alter the dynamic between State and Chapel Hill.  UNC will continue  to pull down top talent and do their thing. South Carolina winning would be a slap in the face to NC State’s basketball program and, as Jet said, really make the recruiting battles tougher for NC State.